The Layering Method To Prevent Salad Ingredients Sinking To The Bottom

When you eat a salad, you don't want to get a forkful of just lettuce; you want a little tomato, a cucumber, and bits of meat, cheese, and nuts to add both that pop of taste and the contrast of textures. Unfortunately, some foods often wind up at the bottom of the bowl robbing salad lovers and their taste buds of this veggie nirvana. Luckily, there is a salad hack to prevent this green mishap that you can use with many of your favorite salad recipes.

You simply need to embrace the concept of layers, starting with those heavier ingredients. Add those heavy foods to your salad and toss them before adding those smaller, more delicate salad favorites. Next, you want to toss them with some salad dressing. This will give you the opportunity to coat all those lovely, crunchy fruits, proteins, veggies, nuts, and dairy and in turn, will be more evenly distributed throughout the salad.

Use your hands to toss

Another tip for evenly distributing salad ingredients is to use your hands when you toss. It will help soften the heartier ingredients along with the greens, ever so slightly, so they are better incorporated and your greens are also less bitter. Once you've accomplished this, you can add in the lighter ingredients as well as those that are fragile and likely to get crushed or fall apart with too much movement. These foods include delicate fruits, berries, and even avocados.

Additionally, when it comes to herbs, save adding them to your salad after you've tossed ingredients with dressing. This will ensure their flavors are neither overwhelming nor lost in the mix. Also, be careful with those veggies and fruit that have a high water content. They have a tendency to get slimy and can lose their crispness. Instead, wait until you are ready to put the salad on the table.