Jacques Pepin's English Muffin Method For Smaller Hamburgers

If you're craving a well-seasoned burger but don't think your appetite is quite big enough to eat an entire meal made with a thick, toasted Brioche bun, you have other options to satisfy your nagging hamburger pangs. Chef Jacques Pepin knows all the right tricks to put together dishes that can feed people on all levels of the hunger scale, and burgers are no exception.

Dense, juicy hamburgers can be portioned and separated into smaller meat patties for lighter meals, and English muffins can serve as the burger's bread instead of your usual seeded bun. English muffins aren't just meant for breakfast sandwiches and light snacks; if you prepare them correctly, English muffins can be transformed into delicious vehicles for perfectly cooked burger patties leaving you room to enjoy all your other favorite snacks too. So grab your favorite burger toppings, and get ready to set smaller burgers on the table — without having to sacrifice any taste.

An option for lighter appetites

Because English muffins are lighter and airier than typical burger buns, you may not feel as pressed while eating a burger made with this bread option. Plus, the outside of an English muffin can be toasted to a crispy yet chewable perfection, offering the ideal foundation for both burger and burger toppings of your choosing.

You may want to toast English muffins twice to ensure the sandwich pieces are durable enough to hold the heat and the density of the burger. You'll be able to dress the burger as you choose — with sweet onions, slices of tomatoes, drizzles of ketchup and mustard, or whatever toppings you prefer – but, with a lighter bread to handle, you'll be able to grip the treat and enjoy biting into your sandwich without too much strain.

To dial up your culinary creativity, you can make English muffins at home and have them ready for the next time persistent burger cravings strike.