Green Tomatoes Are The Sleeper Hit Pie Filling Your Summer Needs

Move over strawberry, blackberry, and lemon blueberry pie because there is a new summer pie filling that is going to be the sleeper hit at your next backyard barbecue or pool party. This pie filling also uses a seasonal fruit we know and love, but one that is far less predictable: green tomatoes. What you are going to love about this ingredient is its versatility. You can use green tomatoes to create a pie with a sweet and delicious jammy filling, or you can opt for something a little more savory and mouthwatering, depending on what your taste buds are craving. 

Green tomatoes are a perfect go-to if you want to make a dessert pie. They can be mixed with a little sugar and spice to create a tasty fruit filling to compliment your favorite flaky, buttermilk crust. However, salt your thinly sliced green tomatoes and layer them into a pie crust with a lovely mixture of Monterey Jack and Gruyère cheese, as well as with some onions, fresh herbs, and seasonings, and you have a green tomato pie you can serve up for a satiating dinner.

Go savory or sweet

Both versions of green tomato pie are easy to make. When serving tomato pie as a dessert, you'll need to use sugar to balance out the tomatoes' tangy flavor. You'll get a taste that's surprisingly similar to apple pie. This, sugar plus some cornstarch, will help thicken the filling and mellow out some of that tangy acidic taste. Top it with a scoop of ice cream or drizzle a little caramel sauce over it, and you're in business.

If you're in the mood for something heartier, you can make a savory green tomato pie by adding cheese to the filling. Mix mayo and an egg into the shredded cheese to bind everything all together. As it bakes, the cheese will melt, creating a pie that tastes like biting into a grilled cheese with tomato, only with a flaky buttery crust.

Whether you opt for a sweet or savory pie, you don't need to remove the seeds from green tomatoes. Salting them will get rid of any moisture that would otherwise make for a mushy and soggy pie crust. For the crust, you can use a store-bought, take-and-bake version, or if you choose to make one from scratch, you can turn to another Southern favorite to add flavor and texture: bacon grease. These beautiful drippings will make a flaky and flavorful crust that will complement a deliciously sweet or hearty version of your new favorite summer pie.