Lemon Perfect Debuts Limited Watermelon Flavor For Summer

Just in time for the summer heatwave, the Atlanta-based enhanced water brand Lemon Perfect is releasing a new drink for thirsty customers craving a bit of melon-rich flavor. Inspired by the divinely sweet taste of sun-ripened, juicy watermelons, Lemon Perfect watermelon-flavored lemon water is hitting the floors of the Costco warehouse this week. As noted in its press release, the brand has been proclaimed the fastest-growing flavored water brand in the market by a Nielsen Total FMCG + Convenience L52 report. The company hopes to continue riding this wave of expansion with the release of this new flavor. 

According to the Lemon Perfect Founder and CEO Yanni Hufnagel, the "watermelon flavor was a two-year journey from idea to landing in Costco this week." This watermelon flavor launch will be offered at Costco warehouses in 15-bottle variety packs alongside three of the brand's top fruity flavors, including Original Lemon, Peach Raspberry, and Kiwi Star Fruit. Like its other flavors, this watermelon-flavored water will contain juice from half of a lemon, plenty of vitamin C, electrolytes, and zero sugar. Another sweet feature of this eco-conscious brand? The packaging is certified plastic neutral.  

Where to find the seasonal watermelon Lemon Perfect

This limited edition multi-pack with the watermelon flavor will be offered at Costco through May 21st, a special roll-out plan that can help shoppers get acquainted with the new flavor alongside traditional favorites. How much should you expect to spend for this limited edition 15-pack? A cool $16.99, a pretty killer deal considering a classic 15-pack runs about $38.50 at Walmart. Lemon Perfect's hope is that the sale will help get Costco's 123 million cardholders interested in the brand's line, bringing the company closer to its revenue goal for the year of $60 million. 

Though Costco members are getting first dibs on this new flavor, don't panic. All other Lemon Perfect flavors are available in all 50 states at Publix, Kroger, Whole Foods, Albertsons, CVS, and Target. You can also head online and purchase the water at Amazon or lemonperfect.com. If all goes well with the launch, you can expect this flavor to hit nationwide shelves eventually.