Lay's Newest Line Of Potato Chips Is Inspired By Classic Sandwiches

Whether a deli lover's standard order is a Cuban style or buffalo chicken sandwich, Lay's potato chips now are now flavored like pork and cheddar cheese or buffalo sauce and cheese to bring out the taste of those sandwiches in chip form. If BLT sandwiches are the go-to lunch order, Lay's has packed the flavors of smoky bacon and tomato into a potato chip. While some might think it's delicious to snack on crispy potato chips while enjoying their favorite sandwich, Lay's has tried to combine the two comforting culinary experiences.

Lay's has consistently shown dedication to using data-backed techniques to innovate products and market them to its customer base. And Denise Lefebvre, the senior vice president of foods R&D at Lay's parent company, PepsiCo, told Food & Wine that the company was trying to anticipate flavors that could be a hit with fans. What might available data say about chip trends? Speaking with Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery in 2022, tna solutions, North America's processing solutions specialist, Daniel Luna, noted that chip fans have been drawn to novelty. Interestingly, the flavors mentioned included a meaty Canadian sandwich called the donair. So it seems Lay's isn't alone in trying to meet potential sandwich demand in the chip department.

The flavors of sandwiches in chip form

Though Lay's had humble beginnings, it made a standard practice of thinking big with flavor experimentations like Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese and Cheesy Garlic Bread that are designed to grab attention and convince shoppers to grab potato chip bags off the shelves. While classic sandwich recipes may pack all of the spices and flavors shoppers enjoy, Lay's new chip varieties offer an easily transportable snack option for any time of the day – no bread or toppings required.

But the company long ago acknowledged that many people might not be sold on its unconventional chip flavors, and maybe that will be true here. We see you, traditionalists. Make Cuban sandwiches for yourself at home and serve them with a batch of warm, crispy potato chips taken fresh out of the oven. As for those looking for novelty, the chip maker has made a point of keeping its more unusual flavors temporary to generate more excitement in the past. Unsurprisingly, Lay's sandwich-inspired potato chips will only be available for a limited time.