The Kiss Technique To Taste Mezcal Like A Pro

If you want to drink mezcal like a pro, you are going to have to pucker up and brush up on your kissing skills. To truly savor this alcohol, which is made from agave and considered stronger than tequila, you are going to need to use what's known as the kiss technique. This intimate method allows your taste buds to fully appreciate all the flavors hidden in this adult beverage and enhance your overall experience with this unique liquor.  

Why do you want to kiss your mezcal? This alcohol is often likened to wine. Similar to how the grapes used to make vino influence its taste, where and how agave is grown, as well as how it is processed, can influence the taste of mezcal. The kissing technique works with this higher-proof alcohol because it lets your mouth encounter the subtle and hidden flavors lurking in this agave spirit, which includes smoky and sweet notes.

It's about sipping

Perfecting the way you drink mezcal starts with selecting the proper glass. While lowball glasses are often used for pours of liquor, a copita, a short, flat, bowl-like glass, is a better option because it allows you to truly smell the mezcal and take in its aroma before it ever hits your lips. If you don't have a copita, don't worry, a lowball or flute-style glass will still work but will give you a different, more intense nasal experience.

Once you have your glass, it's time to make your move. Mezcal is not made for aggressive gulping or sloppy slurping. It's all about sipping. But before you take that first sip, you are going to use your tongue. Although it may seem a tad bit forward, you want to stick your tongue into the copita filled with mezcal and then rub it along the roof of your mouth. It's a kiss with benefits because your taste buds get to experience all the depth and breadth of the flavors contained in this spirit. 

Follow up this kiss by taking a sip, swishing it around in your mouth, and then swallowing for a beautiful and delicious mezcal experience.