The Dehydrated Ingredient That Will Revolutionize Your French Fries

If you think crispy, salty homemade fries can't get any better, just wait until you add a pinch of pickle powder. As strange as it might sound, topping fried golden cuts of potatoes with dehydrated pickles will surprise you with a flavorful experience that hits all the right tasting notes. After all, there's a good reason salty fries and acidic ingredients play well together, and pickles capitalize on all of that.

Whether you choose to dehydrate sour dill pickles in the oven or toss sweet pickles into your dehydrator, you'll be rewarded with an easy-to-use ingredient that offers an immediate, tangy kick of salty vinegar to your favorite snacks. This flavor profile can enhance both drink and food recipes, particularly when it comes to french fries. Once you've tried this delicious combination, prepare yourself to leave the malt vinegar and extra salt on the side; Pickle powder is ready to take over your next batch of fries.

Dressing up french fries

If you're already making french fries in an air fryer, you can use the same appliance to prepare pickles for their debut. As you cut the pickles to be dehydrated, keep in mind that thinner slices are better. Aim to slice similarly-sized pieces so that each piece dries out evenly. Once dried, dehydrated pickles offer a fun snack, yet for our fry-making purposes, you'll want to grind the dehydrated pickles into a fine powder. Whatever powder you don't use, you can store in an airtight container and sprinkle on top of french fries and popcorn for the next six months. After sampling this unique ingredient, you may find yourself incorporating the powder into other recipes, like mashed potatoes and Bloody Mary cocktails.

Not a fan of pickles? You can still get your dehydrator into the game by following a similar process with slices of garlic. A light sprinkling of either pickle or garlic powder over a warm plate of fries will yield a dish that is quickly eaten before you realize what you've done.