Ginger Graters Are Worth Ditching Your Microplane

Microplanes are the handy go-to kitchen tool that we often reach for whether we're zesting lemon, shredding a block of parmesan, or mincing garlic. Using a microplane is often less effort than laboring over a classic bulky grater, and the device can be a bit more versatile than others. However, for those of us who have gotten down to the final nub of a piece of garlic or ginger, and fallen victim to the microplane's sharp teeth ripping into our fingers, you may have questioned whether you were using the right tool for the job. While a microplane can be ideal for plenty of ingredients, there are some more specialized tools that might be worth purchasing, particularly when it comes to grating ginger.

A ginger grater is a tool designed for optimally mincing ginger, and it is made for getting the most out of the irregularly-shaped root. The tool often comes as a rounded ceramic dish with dull teeth in the center or as a flat, stainless-steel device with a handle. These level tools are great for quickly yielding a good amount of ginger, while also being able to easily separate the liquid from the solid. And, it will keep your fingers safe from harm. 

Get the most out of your ginger without slicing your finger

You may notice when using a microplane to grate ginger that the lopsided ginger root is hard to manage with one hand, and the fibers end up clogging the holes. However, when using a ginger grater of the ceramic variety, the circular walls and raised center help separate the ginger fiber (which stays caught on the teeth in the middle) from the juice and purée (which move to the outer edges,) helping you get more ginger for less work. The stainless-steel ginger graters are also ideal, as the flat surface is easier to press down on and move quicker in a safe way. After a short amount of time, you can have plenty of fresh ginger piled up and ready to be scooped out.

These devices are also easier to clean than a typical microplane tool, as their flat surface can be easily wiped down, and one's fingers can be used to scrape out any excess ginger. A microplane's deep nooks and sharp teeth can prevent a proper cleaning job from taking place. Oh, and did we mention they're dishwasher safe?

These handy tools don't just have to be reserved for mincing up ginger, either. They work as a great option for grating garlic cloves, achieving fine chocolate shavings, or shredding hard cheeses. So, heading to your local kitchen appliance store might just be worth the extra trip to get your hands on this easy-to-use, multi-functional tool.