Manhattan's Only Brewery Is Opening A Summer Pop-Up In Union Square

Downtown Manhattan might be more associated with upscale wine bars and craft cocktail speakeasies than breweries, but this summer, NYC beer lovers have a lot to look forward to. Torch & Crown — one of the few breweries in NYC, and the only one in Manhattan — is opening a pop-up location this summer at the edge of the Flat Iron District in the Union Square Park Pavilion. The open-air, dog-friendly pavilion is a restored structure dating back to the 1930s, a beautiful spot to get a drink on a hot day while getting in some of the best people-watching New York has to offer.

The location, which will launch on Thursday, May 11, will be open to the public through November and will serve beers hand-crafted just two boroughs away at Torch & Crown's Soho brewery. These drinks include the Almost Famous — a "smooth, bright, aromatic hazy IPA packed with peach and grapefruit notes," and the Share House — "an easy-drinking crisp ale made for summers out east." There will also be bites made with summer-season ingredients sourced from the Union Square Green Market.

"We hope to build a place that can serve as New York's backyard and share the Torch & Crown experience with everyone," John Dantzler, Co-Owner, and CEO of Torch & Crown Brewing Company, told Tasting Table.

Torch & Crown Brewery

Torch & Crown was founded by New York City locals John Dantzler and Joe Correia. The two started homebrewing together at the age of sixteen after having their fake IDs confiscated at an East Village bar. After winning some homebrewing awards when they were still underage, the two decided to go all in on opening a brewery together.

While nearby Brooklyn is home to at least a dozen breweries, including Brooklyn Brewery and Threes Brewing, Manhattan remains a hops desert, making Torch & Crown a delightful anomaly when it opened in 2020. At that point, it had been six years since a brewery had been operational in Manhattan following the 2014 closure of Chelsea Brewing Company. Despite the financial burden of opening a sizable brewery in Manhattan, Dantzler and Correia seem determined to flourish, and fulfill a missing puzzle piece in the tapestry of New York city's beer scene.

"What we love most about beer is the community, and Torch & Crown's mission has always been to serve every gathering bringing New Yorkers together," Dantzler said. "Moving into summer, we're thrilled to continue this ethos with the launch of our new location in one of Manhattan's most vibrant and lively hubs, Union Square."