15 Steakhouses You Must Visit In Los Angeles

There's nothing quite as classy or nostalgic as a traditional steak dinner. While you can easily whip out the grill and cook up your own filet mignon, going out to a classic steakhouse is a charming and timeless experience that never gets old. Thankfully, Los Angeles is home to several top-notch steakhouses that specialize in some of the most coveted cuts of meat. From Brazilian steakhouses to American staples, carnivores, and steak lovers have no shortage of options in the City of Angels.

While some people can't get enough of the steakhouse experience, there's no denying that it's typically reserved for more special occasions. Whether you're taking a client out for a special dinner or you're planning an anniversary or birthday celebration, the rich food, attentive service, and elegant ambiance, all result in a refined and memorable meal. That said, get ready to make some reservations because we've rounded up 15 of the best steakhouses in LA that you don't want to miss!

Carlitos Gardel

With deep green ceilings and striped wallpaper, Carlitos Gardel is a spot just off Melrose that doesn't take itself too seriously but still serves up some seriously good steak. For nearly three decades, the steakhouse has been serving great Argentinian dishes. No matter what you end up ordering as your main course, you'll want to order an appetizer plate of the papas fritas provencal. The French fries, finished with garlic and parsley, may not be the most inventive potato dish you've ever had, but the recipe is a popular one for a good reason.

When it comes to the main course, Carlitos Gardel's lean cut of skirt steak smothered in herby, spicy chimichurri is the most popular dish on the menu. If you're looking for a bit more oomph, the tender ribeye is another great cut. Best of all, the wine list is filled with an incredible selection of some of Argentina's best bottles. Head out to Carlitos Gardel's wood-paneled back patio for some fresh air and casual ambiance — it's one of the best steakhouse patios in the city.

Fia Steak

From its luscious, wood-fired steaks to its decadent decor, Fia Steak doesn't shy away from showmanship. Its main dining room is brick-lined with art featuring pop culture icons lined up in the style of the Last Supper, digging into plates of steak. Another dining room features melodramatic portraits of Hollywood icons and an eye-catching stained glass window. The restaurant is also prone to rolling out a massive bucket of champagne bottles (served along "bumps" of caviar, of course).

Luckily, Fia Steak isn't solely style, and it's definitely got the substance to back it up. After digging into the bread basket, the truffle-topped cavatelli, and an excellent cut of steak, save room for dessert. The sticky toffee pudding with brown butter ice cream and lacy brown sugar tuile shouldn't be skipped. Whether you pull up a seat at the marble bar or head outside for an intimate patio meal under bistro lights, you're bound to have a great time at Fia Steak.


Gwen's ambiance is unbeatable. Towering vaulted ceilings, a copper-paneled fire pit, and massive crystal chandeliers set the scene for one of the most luxurious dinners in LA. Charcuterie is a less common steakhouse order, but don't skip it at Gwen. By night, it may be a high-end Hollywood staple, but by day, Gwen hosts a butcher shop filled with well-sourced cuts.

The charcuterie selection changes daily but is consistently incredible (and pairs perfectly with the unlimited complimentary basket of bread). Unsurprisingly, each iteration of steak served by the restaurant is excellent. If you're ready to go all-in on Gwen, the dry-aged ribeye is the way. However, if you're hungry for more, the pork chop, served atop a bed of beets and house-made mustard before being topped with a bite of horseradish, might just steal the show. If you're searching for something to wash it all down, Gwen's selection of specialty cocktails is crafted to pair excellently with your meal.

M Grill Brazilian Churrascaria

Complete with black leather booths, dark wood, and soft lighting, M Grill Brazilian Churrascaria is a no-brainer for your next special occasion. It also happens to be one of the best all-you-can-eat options in town. Cuts of meat are prepared and served on a spit and sliced table-side. The lean, buttery picanha cut is a house specialty and a must-order, and the top sirloin is another cut you shouldn't miss.

Steak isn't the only draw. Make sure to snag some of the linguica Brazilian sausages as well. M Grill also offers some great lamb and chicken options. The lamb chops are smoky and well-seasoned, and the garlic chicken is juicy and tender, making it a crowd-pleaser. Plus, if you have yet to try chicken hearts, this is a great place to do it. Don't skip out on a caipirinha for your beverage. After all, a Brazilian-style steak is best enjoyed alongside a great Brazilian cocktail.

BOA Steakhouse

BOA Steakhouse boasts locations in Manhattan Beach, West Hollywood, and Santa Monica, so no matter where you are across Los Angeles, you're never too far from a decadent meal. Each location sports a unique design style, but they are all united by an ambiance of warm luxury. The Manhattan Beach restaurant is framed by greenery and dark woods; the West Hollywood location sports a romantic open-air back patio, and warm red lights, light leather, and blonde wood set the tone at the Santa Monica BOA.

Despite its steakhouse status, BOA tosses one of the most popular Caesar salads in the city, complete with a light, peppery anchovy dressing, crave-able croutons, and a salty hit of cheese. If you're still hungry after indulging in your main course, BOA offers a bevy of classic steakhouse sides. The mac and cheese is a house favorite and can be ordered with lobster or shaved truffle if you're craving some extra panache.

Dear John's

Though this Culver City spot only re-opened in 2019, it harkens back to the days of old Beverly Hills classic restaurants. It was originally founded in 1962 when Frank Sinatra convinced fellow movie star Johnny Harlowe to get into the restaurant business. The trio that revived the restaurant, Hans and Patti Röckenwagner and Josiah Citrin, have preserved a classic steakhouse feel, complete with dim lighting, brick columns, red tablecloths, and an extensive bar that serves up killer martinis.

Dear John's menu is similarly traditional, complete with a selection of classic steak cuts, appetizers, and sides. The Caesar salad is tossed table-side and should be the way you kick off your meal. If you want to add some more greens to your order, the broccolini with chili, lemon, and breadcrumbs is a side that shouldn't be skipped. The cheesy, golden brown garlic bread is a sleeper hit, but make sure to save some to mop up the extra lemon caper butter from your order of sand dabs.

H&H Brazilian Steakhouse

H&H Brazilian Steakhouse brings an unforgettable churrasco experience to the northern hemisphere. Churrasco is a cooking method that entails skewering large cuts of meat with stakes made of wood or metal and rotating them as they roast over a specialized grill called a churrasqueira. This cooking method ensures that the meat is tender, juicy, and evenly cooked. Plus, churrascarias are often all you can eat! H&H offers its Brazilian Churrasco experience at $61 per person.

Enjoy all the churrasco you could want, including the signature H&H prime steak, the delicate lamb chops, spicy butter chicken, Brazil's signature picanha steak cut, and grilled organic pineapple cooked with bubbling brown sugar and cinnamon. The all-you-can-eat option also comes with complimentary sides of Brazilian dishes like cheese bread, creamy polenta, and golden bananas. And the restaurant's delicious selection of South American wines has been hand-selected by H&H's owner and sommelier, Henrique Huyer. Pair your next meal with a glass of biodynamic red wine sourced from Brazil.


This luxurious Beverly Grove steakhouse sports a menu of high-quality meats perfect for celebrating your next special occasion. The dining room has black and white marbled walls, geometric gold chandeliers, and shining grill tables where your server will prepare each cut of meat you order. Each meal at ABSteak is made with love and a whole lot of patience. In fact, the restaurant specializes in dry-aging meat for up to 30 days.

This month of rest concentrates the flavor and aroma of the meat, which is complemented by the various salts and condiments made in-house. Short ribs are one of the most popular cuts at ABSteak. The restaurant specializes in drawing out the best flavors offered by a cut of meat, so it's no surprise that the marinated galbi is a house favorite. The AB Grand short rib kalbi is another delicious staple. The house kimchi fried rice, served with green onions, carrots, cold-pressed sesame oil, sunny-side-up egg, and a choice of pork belly or vegetables, is the perfect way to fill out your plate.

Lawry's The Prime Rib

Lawry's The Prime Rib may not be the most modern steakhouse in Los Angeles, but we wouldn't have it any other way. With a dining room decked out in gold, mahogany, and green velvet and an unapologetically decadent menu to match, it's no surprise that Lawry's has maintained its iconic status over its near-century in business. The LA staple has been serving up steaks since 1938, and once you take in its famous prime rib dinner, you'll begin to understand why.

When it comes down to it, the must-order at Lawry's is the restaurant's signature classic prime rib. Choose one of the five cuts, which range from the light California Cut to the traditional Lawry Cut, to the double-sized, bone-in Beef Bowl Double Cut. Watch in awe as your server whips up Lawry's famous spinning bowl salad table-side. Then, dig into Lawry's complementary set of classic sides, including the buttery mashed potatoes, sweet Yorkshire pudding, and a dollop of Lawry's whipped cream horseradish.

CUT By Wolfgang Puck

Like many of its fellow Wolfgang Puck-run restaurants in Beverly Hills, a dinner at CUT will probably be high-priced, but it will definitely be delicious. The dining room is airy and spacious, framed by light wood and massive windows. Once you're seated, your server will present a bevy of beautifully marbled pieces of meat to choose from. The New York strip is a solid option sure to be savored by the whole table. While you're waiting for your main course, the American Wagyu steak tartare is artfully presented alongside herb aioli, dijonnaise, and a toasted baguette that is the perfect order to tide you over.`

If you're craving a spin on a steakhouse classic, CUT's creamed spinach is its most popular side and is topped with a crisp fried egg. Finish your meal at CUT strong with the show-stopping baked Alaska. The towering dessert is composed of pineapple sorbet, buttermilk white chocolate cake, passionfruit seeds, and pink pineapple.

Bourbon Steak

Bourbon Steak is celebrity Chef Michael Mina's ode to the classic American steakhouse experience. Its expansive dining room has white tablecloths, comfortable chairs, and spacious booths. Start with refreshing seafood appetizers like the jumbo tiger shrimp or West Coast oysters with a tangy and bright house mignonette. The wedge salad is another crisp, tasty take on a traditional steakhouse salad. 

If you're ready to ball out, opt for the restaurant's signature Maine lobster pot pie with a crisp, golden brown pastry top, brandied lobster cream, black truffles, and market vegetables. You can also double down on umami flavor with the black truffle mac and cheese, another decadent Michael Mina signature that shouldn't be missed. Light up your order with Michael's ahi tartare, topped with Asian pear, pine nuts, a trio of peppers, garlic, and sesame. If you're feeling parched, the restaurant's 21-page drink menu has something for everyone.

Steak 48

This steakhouse is located in the heart of Beverly Hills, a few blocks from Rodeo Drive. Each meal is shaped by the luxurious ambiance synonymous with the city. High ceilings, geometric lighting, impeccably set tables, and an eye-catching bar combine to create Steak 48's modern, upscale feel. The kitchen is separated from the main dining room by a wall of glass, so you can catch a glimpse of your plate before it hits the table. Though red meat is central to the Steak 48 operation, it also offers a killer selection of fresh seafood.

The crispy shrimp is a great way to start off your meal, as each bite of the snackable appetizer is balanced by sweet Thai chili and garlic aioli. The chicken-fried lobster tails are another house favorite. Crisp shellfish is finished with tangy Chesapeake Bay seasoning and served alongside a green chili aioli. If you can't get enough seafood at Steak 48, round out the trio with the Maine lobster escargot, complete with truffle mornay sauce and caviar.

Taylor's Steakhouse

Taylor's Steak House has been family owned and operated since 1953. Its original location can be found off 8th Street in Koreatown, where the interior reflects 20th-century luxury. Think wood-paneled walls, velvet armchairs, shiny red leather booths, and a bar where you can pull up a stool and order a great Manhattan. In 2009, the Taylor family started up a second location on Foothill Boulevard up in La Cañada Flintridge, bringing great steak to a new neighborhood of Angelenos.

Taylor's may not have the most unconventional menu, but they hit the classics out of the park. Its tender, well-marbled cut of Spencer steak is always a great choice. Plus, the restaurant has all the classic sides you could ask for, from garlic spinach to a twice-baked potato. If you run into a chilly day in Los Angeles, Taylor's offers a well-priced bowl of caramelized French onion soup.

The Arthur J

The Arthur J sports a menu that is a steak lover's dream and has an ambiance everyone will enjoy. Warm woods, mid-century modern-inspired furniture and lighting, and a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere combine to create The Arthur J's elevated beachy diner feel. Since it's located in Manhattan Beach, and its sister restaurant is renowned seafood joint Fishing With Dynamite, it's no surprise that it serves up some great surf alongside its turf.

Lean into the old-school vibes with the chilled jumbo shrimp cocktail, adorned with massive prawns, house-made spicy cocktail sauce, dill, cucumber, and a kick of fresh horseradish. After your appetizer, focus on the wide variety of steak options. Each steak is prepared on the restaurant's massive, custom wood-fire grill, is offered wet or dry-aged, and can be topped with a choice of 16 different sauces, butter, and toppings. Also, make sure to spring for a side of beef-fat fries.

Alexander's Steakhouse

The classic American steakhouse tradition shaped this fine dining hotspot in Pasadena; subtle Japanese influence can be found in its decor, menu, and imported certified A-5 cuts of Wagyu. A distinct Californian feel can also be found in Alexander's seasonally-shaped menu, which Chef Richard Archuleta builds alongside a network of local farmers and foragers. You can tuck into your meal inside the restaurant's spacious, minimalist dining room or enjoy the fresh air of Alexander's outdoor patio and views of Pasadena's famous city hall.

Shape your dinner or spring for the seasonal omakase menu. This season's omakase starts with caviar and Wagyu and is followed by a refreshing gazpacho, tender grilled duck breast, a pairing of beef tenderloin, and lobster-stuffed squash blossoms. Finally, a slice of Harry's Berries strawberry cake. The five-course meal is $155 a person and can be upgraded with a wine pairing for an additional $85.