Experiment With 'Biscotti-Style' Sushi For An Easier At-Home Approach

As delicious as sushi and sushi rolls might be, making your own sushi recipes at home may not always seem like a convenient option when true cravings strike. Thankfully, there are alternatives for putting delicious sushi dishes onto the kitchen table without needing to roll out your sushi mat or perfect the art of cutting seaweed into servable pieces. Thanks to Californian restaurant Sushi Note, sushi biscotti offers an easy-to-assemble and tasty alternative.

By placing your favorite sushi ingredients on top of crispy bases of fried rice, you, too, can be on your way to enjoying this simple yet satisfying treat. At Sushi Note, spicy tuna set on top of crunchy fried rice is a crowd-pleaser, yet if you can't make it to Los Angeles to experience Chef Kiminobu Saito's creations for yourself, you can easily build your own "biscotti-style" sushi at home.

Getting creative with sushi-making

While it may not be realistic to fry up rice and form individual pieces for your sushi ingredients, you can get creative with the items you have in your kitchen. Use rice crackers or seeded biscuits as the foundation for your favorite sushi ingredients, and if your cupboards lack crackers and rice cakes, toast up bread to make crostini. Once you have a suitable crunchy platform to act as the vehicle for your sushi, top it with smoked salmon, avocado, and pickled ginger for a smooth, tempting buttery texture or get creative experimenting with vegan-friendly ingredients. When paired with an extra crunch, the unique combination of crispy carbs and flavorful sushi ingredients may have you abandoning additional attempts at rolling seaweed ever again.

If you have more time, fry cooked sushi rice to golden, crispy perfection and form smaller discs or square-shaped pieces to shuttle your ingredients. Whether you prefer to make your sushi with eggs or vegetables, you can make your own sushi biscotti at home, without needing to step foot inside a restaurant.