Jose Cuervo Is Sending 1,000 People $50 To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

The roots of Cinco de Mayo are in Mexico, of course. In that country, it's an annual holiday that commemorates the victory of the nation's army over invading French soldiers in Puebla on May 5, 1862. In the U.S., Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in a decidedly different fashion. Here, it's more of a festive celebration of Mexican culture. It's a major party, in other words, and no one knows that better than the iconic tequila brand, Jose Cuervo.

Jose Cuervo has plans to make Cinco de Mayo an even bigger fiesta in 2023, and fortunately for fans of Mexico's national spirit, that plan involves giving away lots of free cash. (You know, so you and your friends can enjoy more margaritas and tequila shots.) According to a recent press release, Cuervo will be giving away $50 to up to 1,000 people as part of its "Go Off This Cinco" promotion.

The tequila giant is collaborating with actress and social media star Haley Lu Richardson on the giveaway, and in addition to free cash, Jose Cuervo will also be giving away a select number of branded dumb phones, aka the early 2000s style flip phones that have a very limited number of features.

How to enter to win money for Jose Cuervo's Cinco de Mayo giveaway

The idea behind Jose Cuervo's dumb phone giveaway, per its recent press release, is that instead of spending time on social media — an impossibility with the app-challenged throwback phones — you can spend more time with friends celebrating Cinco de Mayo instead.

Although dumb phones have become rather trendy with Gen Z, with over 27 million of them expected to be sold by 2025; if given a choice, most people would probably rather have the $50 to add to their Cinco de Mayo party funds. However, the place to enter to win both prizes just happens to be the same:

Winners of the hundreds of dumb phones, and the 1,000 lucky cash winners, will be chosen randomly from entries, which may be submitted through May 5, the tequila brand notes. For those fortunate enough to score a free $50, Jose Cuervo will send the money to your phone via Venmo (presumably, your smartphone).