Wendy's Fan-Favorite Strawberry Frosty Returns For Summer 2023

With the approach of the dog days of summer comes the hotly anticipated arrival of a creamy Wendy's treat that stole the hearts of many last year: the Strawberry Frosty. According to Today, this is a triumphant limited return for the sweet treat, and it is available to order in-store or on the restaurant's app. 

First making its pretty-in-pink debut on Wendy's menu in 2022 with a soiree attended by celebrities, the strawberry-flavored Frosty became one of the most requested menu items from fans as soon as it left. Described by John Li, VP of Culinary Innovation, as "a classic Vanilla Frosty with the sweet flavor profile of a freshly picked strawberry," the Strawberry Frosty was bound to gain a rabid fan base. With this in mind, the franchise is returning it just in time for the fresh strawberry summer haul.  

Hot on the heels of the return of the limited edition Frosty? Two new spicy menu items that use one of the hottest chilis in the world, the ghost pepper, as a seasoning inspiration: Ghost Pepper Ranch Chicken Sandwich and Ghost Pepper Fries. 

The return of a strawberry favorite

Of course, a new Frosty roll-out is a rare occurrence. The original Chocolate Frosty was first unveiled in 1969, and fans would then have to wait 37 years until 2006, when the Vanilla Frosty was finally added to the menu. Since then, only two other flavors have been briefly introduced, the Birthday Cake Frosty Cookie Sundae in 2019 and a Peppermint Frosty at the end of 2022. 

Plus, ice cream real estate is precious at Wendy's. Each time a new flavor is revealed, another flavor, most often vanilla, has to take a hiatus. For the time being, the Strawberry Frosty will replace the Vanilla Frosty in the milkshake churner while still being offered alongside the enduring Chocolate Frosty. So count yourself lucky that this berry-boosted Frosty is back for a limited time. 

Meanwhile, the two ghost pepper additions are the first example of the Made to Crave program, where new menu items highlight "crave-able, mind-blowing, unforgettable flavors." While the frosty is elevated with a burst of sweet-tart strawberry, the sandwich receives a triple threat of heat from a ghost pepper-accented cheese, ranch, and crispy onions, and the French fries are coated in a mouth-numbing ghost pepper fry sauce. Head to Wendy's to take advantage of this special seasonal frosty and hot-to-trot sandwich and fries.