Why You Should Never Store Peanut Brittle In The Fridge

Part of what makes peanut brittle so satisfying to eat is its distinctive chewy yet crunchy texture, but mastering the art of candy-making is no easy task. When you do manage to put together a perfect batch of sweet, breakable peanut brittle, you'll want to do everything in your power to make sure your homemade treats taste fresh for as long as possible.

When properly stored, this old school classic can last for several months and offer a mid-day delicious treat or after-dinner dessert. As tempting as it might be to place your prized homemade goods into the fridge with the well-meaning intention of keeping the candy fresh, your preservation efforts can backfire. Once inside the fridge, moisture can change the texture and firmness of the candy, resulting in a softer and even chewier candy that is more gummy than brittle. While freezing the candy may be your next default method of preservation — and this can work well when the peanut brittle is properly wrapped or placed in air-tight bags — you'll find the candy's bite will be different in texture from that first batch of fresh samples out of your kitchen. So what's the best option for candy makers to store their culinary creations?

Less is more when it comes to peanut brittle preservation

The best brittle recipes result in candy that is crunchy when bitten into, with a light and easy-to-chew sweetness that contrasts satisfyingly with the salty taste of the peanuts. This isn't the easiest thing to accomplish. Pastry chefs have to work fast combining ingredients in a saucepan and controlling heat as additional ingredients are added. Once you have hardened candy on your hands, the pieces can be broken apart and stored in containers to gift as treats or enjoy alongside afternoon cups of tea.

To protect the brittle texture for as long as possible, leave the candy in air-tight containers, and instead of worrying about placing them in the fridge, simply store your homemade candy on your kitchen countertop, in a cool cupboard, or on a pantry shelf. When stored in this way, your brittle should remain delicious for up to two months, provided you can refrain from eating the entire batch for that long. Then, the next time you want to enjoy your candy-making efforts, you won't need to worry about bringing the candy to room temperature and can enjoy the crunchy texture of homemade peanut brittle exactly as the recipe is intended.