Why You Need To Stop Throwing Out Pulp From The Juicer

When you're juicing at home, you have the freedom to create any mix of fruit and vegetable juice you can think of — but the freedom doesn't stop there. Rather than throwing out the leftover fibers that accumulate in your juicer or cheesecloth, you can get even more creative by saving them. Not only are those leftovers full of fiber, which actually helps your body absorb nutrients, but they can be utilized in an array of different recipes. 

For example, you can create a zesty orange ginger carrot cake made from the remains of your daily juice shots. And if you like to juice your greens like celery, apples, cucumber, and parsley, you can mix and bake the leftover pulp into green juice muffins containing all the goodies you've been sipping on throughout the week. Whether it's now or later, here's how you can get the most out of every part of your fruits and veggies — from their juice to their leftover fibers.

Leftover pulp makes a great base to your smoothies, burgers, and muffins

After juicing, you can just transfer the pulp into an airtight container and place it inside your fridge. It will only last about 24 hours when stored in the refrigerator, so you'll want to have a plan to use it up fast. Some quick options include mixing the pulp into a dip or adding it to your pancakes, cookies, muffins, or other baked goods for added fiber and benefits. 

The other option is to freeze your leftover juice pulp, which will keep the veggie fibers fresh much longer; however, they'll lose some of their nutrients in the meantime, so they are best consumed sooner rather than later.  You can add the frozen fibers to your morning smoothies or freeze them in ice cube trays to make veggie stock in a pinch or add them to meatballs, chili, and quiche to give them a veggie boost. 

They also tend to work fabulously as the base for your homemade veggie burgers. However, if all else fails and you find your freezer is becoming overloaded with leftover pulp, you can also use them to bake homemade pet treats for your furry friends.