Sunny Anderson Has A Hack For Ordering Softer Dunkin' Bagel Bites

Who doesn't love a Dunkin' bagel bite? They're quick and convenient snacks that are as tasty as a bagel and perfect when you're on the go. But the experience can often be hit or miss — especially if the cream cheese is unpleasantly cold and hard in the center. 

Celebrity chef Sunny Anderson has discovered the trick for getting the best bagel bites when visiting the coffee chain: "I always tell them, 'Make it toasty,' because sometimes if you don't, the cream cheese on the inside is rock hard, cold, and that's about it," Anderson told Insider. Toasting the snack is the perfect way to ensure the outside is warm and chewy while the cream cheese filling is soft and satisfying.

The celebrity chef and cookbook author enjoys the chain's other toasty offerings as well, noting, "Sometimes I'll get a bacon, egg, and cheese on a croissant or a plain bagel or a sesame bagel, toasted."

Ask for it toasty

Sometimes the best choice isn't the most obvious one. At least that's the case for Anderson, who told Insider she rarely orders donuts when she visits Dunkin'. "It's so weird. It's Dunkin' Donuts and I'm not getting donuts, but it's all about the savory there for me," she said. 

Something else that may not be obvious is the merit of customizing your fast food orders. It's a simple step, but you'd be surprised at how it can elevate your meal. Next time you order a burrito at Taco Bell, ask them to throw it on the grill. Grilling your Taco Bell burrito may make for a slightly less messy meal and it'll add that nice extra crisp that you may be missing in the standard version. Or customize your In-N-Out Burger with the onion trick: ordering both grilled and raw onions for double the flavor. With pretty minor adjustments, these fast food menu items can get a major boost — even by simply asking for it "toasty."