The In-N-Out Burger Hack For Onion Lovers - Exclusive

East Coasters may not be very familiar with In-N-Out, but West Coasters know the restaurant all too well. They're also familiar with the practice of hacking their In-N-Out meals to get some delicious off-menu favorites.

This isn't unique to In-N-Out — food chain lovers swear by all types of menu hacks or secret menu items. (If you haven't gotten the Chicken Alfredo Florentine from Olive Garden yet, then let that be your weekend homework.) Whether they're visiting McDonald's or Dunkin', customers are as creative as ever with their favorite orders. And thanks to social media, TikTokers have gone viral not just for their restaurant hacks, but also for recreating fast food menu items at home. 

Although food recreations can be done for most restaurants, In-N-Out also comes with a certain nostalgia that you can't get from your own kitchen. Chef Alvin Cailan is familiar with this concept as he grew up in Los Angeles. Now, the creator of Eggslut has also founded Amboy, which features everything from burgers to breakfast sandwiches. In an exclusive interview with Tasting Table, Cailan revealed his most vital hamburger tips and how he really feels about In-N-Out — and he even dropped a menu hack that you never knew you needed.

Cailan recommends ordering two types of onions

In-N-Out has a classically delicious menu: burgers, fries, beverages, and shakes. So when Tasting Table asked Alvin Cailan what his go-to In-N-Out order was, he gave a surprising answer. "The Burger Show" host said, "It's actually a 3x3, no lettuce, no tomato. I get it with whole grilled onions and raw onions at the same time, so it's sweet and oniony. Then I add chopped chilies to it. It's a completely different burger."

The food connoisseur explained that he has been using this order for seven years and argues that it's "the best burger that you can get in LA when it's done right." Although onion lovers are sure to make this their next In-N-Out trial, Cailan does have some qualms about the food brand. According to the chef, their year-round option of tomatoes can be the downfall of a good burger — when out of season, the tomatoes can be "flavorless." He added, "If you were to put tomatoes in a burger, you should cut it super, super thin during tomato season, because then it's nice and soft and it adheres to the burger."

No matter your preference, Cailan's In-N-Out hack is definitely worth trying so you can judge the hype for yourself. Those grilled and raw onions might just become your new favorite burger toppings.

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