Top Toast With Spring Berries And Cream Cheese For No-Fuss Decadence

Seasonal changes bring an assortment of delightful fruits into our kitchens. Spring socially welcomes a variety of berries that are both beautiful and delicious, yet fragile raspberries and blackberries can quickly spoil if not promptly eaten or frozen. But isn't it just awful for those beautiful fruits to go to waste? If you find yourself with extra berries that are nearing the end of their freshest point of consumption, you can save them from the trash. Put your favorite spring treats to good use by mixing them with cream cheese to make a luxurious, fruity cream cheese spread as a topping for toast

With cream cheese and a few extra ingredients, those blueberries in your fridge can be easily turned into a decadent breakfast or sweet afternoon snack, and you'll be enjoying a recipe that makes the most out of any bruised or mushy pieces of fruit you are reluctant to throw into the bin.

How to serve elegance with ease

Take plain cream cheese or your favorite flavored variety and mash your choice of berries directly into the spread. For extra flavor, you can include spices like ground cinnamon or ginger and control your desired level of spreadable sweetness with drizzles of agave or maple syrup, honey, or sprinkles of brown sugar.

Don't worry about mixing all of the ingredients until smooth. Chunky pieces of fruit help create textural contrast between the crunchy toast and creamy spread. For adult-friendly recipes, splashes of sherry or brandy can provide depth to the spread, while for teetotaling crowds, extracts of maple, vanilla, or almond can add nuance to the fruity cream. 

Take your time topping each piece of toast for an elegant presentation, and finish plates with lemon or orange zest and sprinkles of your favorite flaky salt. To amplify the cheesy element of the recipe, slices of brie can help dial up the rich flavors, and slivers of your favorite nuts and seeds can provide a pop of crunch. 

If you're craving a similar fruity treat when berries aren't in season, use your favorite preserves, jam, or canned fruit to make the recipe. If your refrigerator is also missing your usual tub of cream cheese, you can make a comparable spread out of Greek yogurt or ricotta cheese. 

With so many variations on this creamy spread, you'll never be bored eating toast in the spring again.