The Best Advice Gordon Ramsay Ever Gave Joe Isidori - Exclusive

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Almost anyone who's achieved notoriety in their field will tell you it takes a village, including the support of family and friends, and advice along the way from mentors who know what it takes to succeed. For Joe Isidori, the acclaimed chef and owner of New York City's Arthur & Sons NY Italian (though you may know him from his prior work with Black Tap Burger or DJT in Las Vegas), one such mentor was none other than Gordon Ramsay. And while chatting exclusively with film director and fellow Italian-American Joe Russo for Tasting Table's "Shared Tastes," Isidori revealed the most influential advice Ramsay ever gave him about being a chef. 

Ramsay's advice actually has a lot less to do with the food being served, and much more to do with the persona a chef puts forth from the moment guests walk in the door of a restaurant. While discussing his road to success, Isidori confessed that he's evolved a lot since he was a young chef. "When I first started cooking, I was just putting food on a plate," he admitted. However, he mentioned that he got to know Gordon Ramsay a little later on in his career, and Ramsay's guidance caused him to drastically change his perspective. As Isidori recalls it, the celebrity chef asked him, "You know what the difference between [two and three Michelin stars] is? ... Two stars, you can win on the food. Three stars, the entire restaurant is [controlled] by the chef."

Isidori learned culinary success is about more than just food

Chef Joe Isidori certainly credits his approach to cooking and running a restaurant to his family background and the values instilled in him by his father, but he also says Gordon Ramsay's words of wisdom have stuck with him throughout his career. From then on, Isidori says his goals as a restaurant owner shifted. "As soon as you walk in my restaurant, I need you to feel me and who I am and what my style is."

And this change of heart has certainly paid off for Isidori, earning him recognition from numerous national publications and organizations, as well as a highly coveted Michelin star, the ultimate accolade among restaurateurs.

Today, Isidori's personality and history are certainly what you'll feel when you walk into Arthur & Sons with its cozy red booths, black and white photos, and general homey vibe. It's like coming to Sunday dinner at your Italian grandma's house. And film director Joe Russo — one of the restaurant's biggest fans — can confirm. "What's amazing about Arthur & Sons ... You are pervasive in every aspect of the restaurant, from being greeted at the door with the cocktails, to the menu, to you coming to tables and talking to people, to the energy, to the music."

Visit Arthur & Sons NY Italian in New York City's West Village for an authentic dining experience. Joe Isidori's new line of Arthur & Sons New York Italian Tomato Sauce, available in Marinara, Fra Diavolo, Alla Vodka, and Spicy Vodka, is coming soon to brick-and-mortar and online stores near you.

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