Your Creamy Drinks Are Yearning For A Dollop Of Tahini

The flavorful, nutty presence of tahini deserves more of your attention. Not only can this smooth ingredient be drizzled on top of salads and be served as a dipping sauce for bread and cheese, but the rich blend of sesame seeds can easily be incorporated into baking recipes and sauces. Tahini's texture is ideal for thickening up soups and adding a satisfying taste to bread, muffins, and pancakes, but it isn't just food items that tahini can amplify. 

Without needing to add more oil or liquid to your recipes, tahini can help you make smoother, creamier drinks and smoothies. Plus, the tahini is chockful of health-supporting compounds like antioxidants and vitamins to add a nutritional boost to whatever you're whipping up in your kitchen. If you think a spread like tahini has no place near your morning smoothie bowls or your daily afternoon latte, you may want to reconsider.

Decadent texture with one ingredient

Adding tahini to hot drinks and creamy smoothies can help you create luxurious textures without much effort. In Tel Aviv, smoothie shops regularly blend up bananas, dates, and tahini for visitors craving a healthy refreshment. Since tahini itself isn't sweet, the savory item can balance out other additions like agave syrup and cinnamon — or even be blended with Kahlua for a decadent, boozy treat.

While you can make your own tahini spread at home using sesame seeds and oil, there are plenty of tahini brands available for purchase. When shopping for tahini in markets, prepare to be faced with both raw and roasted varieties: Roasted tahini will bring a smokier flavor to your drinks, while raw tahini can offer a more nuanced, subtle taste. Depending on the drink recipes you're making, both raw and roasted tahini labels deserve space in your kitchen. Simply add a spoonful and blend until you're happy with the taste and thickness of the drink you're looking to serve.