Vizzy Debuts Nostalgic Orange Cream Pop Hard Seltzer For Summer

Summer is the season most associated with nostalgia, an idea used to great effect in the latest offering from Vizzy Hard Seltzer. For a limited time this summer, the Molson Coors-owned company will showcase a new orange cream pop flavor that is meant to evoke the nostalgic memories of childhood summers. Of course, the recently announced flavor also boasts the hard seltzer alcohol base that has become quite popular in recent years. So popular, in fact, that hard seltzer sales worldwide have already surpassed $16 billion dollars annually.

According to a recent press release, Vizzy's new Orange Cream Pop Hard Seltzer will premiere in mid-May throughout the United States. That's not all of Vizzy's summertime offerings though. In conjunction with its limited-edition orange cream pop flavor release, Vizzy is also rolling out new summer packaging to highlight the company's vibrant dual-flavor variety packs. 

Vizzy's bright and bold dual-flavor variety packs

With Vizzy's "Flavor for Every Vibe" campaign, the company is refreshing its product line heading into the summer season. The fresh summer offerings — 16 flavors in total — will be sold in variety packs that are based on four flavor categories so there really will be a hard seltzer to suit almost any vibe, or for that matter, any occasion.

Vizzy's "vibrantly tropical" variety pack, for instance, will include four new fruit-driven flavors: blueberry pomegranate, papaya passionfruit, pineapple mango, and strawberry kiwi. The "refreshingly berry" pack showcases an array of fruity combinations, including blackberry lemon, blackberry lime, raspberry tangerine, and watermelon strawberry, the company notes. Vizzy's "sparkling mimosa" category features several orange-flavored hard seltzers: peach orange, pineapple orange, pomegranate orange, and strawberry orange. The final new flavor category is one that also evokes plenty of summer nostalgia. Titled "tangy lemonade," its variety pack offerings include peach lemonade, raspberry lemonade, strawberry lemonade, and watermelon lemonade hard seltzers.

Notably, the limited-edition Orange Cream Pop Hard Seltzer won't be sold in any of these variety packs, so if you're interested in a taste of nostalgia look out for 12 packs of the new flavor beginning in mid-May.