Baskin-Robbins' Vibrant May Flavor Features Strawberry And Dragonfruit

With May just around the corner, Baskin-Robbins is celebrating spring with a new flavor on the horizon: Strawberry Dragonfruit. Designed by the ice cream company's Flavor Experts to capitalize on the growing interest in strawberry and dragonfruit flavors, Baskin-Robbins describes the ice cream as "the perfect blend of tried-and-true and new-to-you." 

The company's Flavor of the Month stacks fruit on fruit, both in the ice cream and also in swirls throughout, playing dragonfruit's subtle taste against strawberry's bold intensity. The tropical flavor and cheerful color palette are a bright and springy combination. And if you're in search of an ice cream bargain, you can stop in Baskin-Robbins on May 31 to get 31% off all ice cream scoops as part of its Celebrate 31 program. Speaking of important dates, Sunday, May 14, is Mother's Day, and if you're at a loss for how to celebrate Mom, Baskin-Robbins has you covered on that as well.

What does Baskin-Robbins have in store for Mother's Day?

If your mother has a sweet tooth, Baskin-Robbins may have the perfect way to satisfy it. The Perfect Peony Cake features an icing-piped blooming peony and an intricate border, along with cake and ice cream on the inside. You can customize the flavors inside the cake if you order ahead, which means you could even include a layer of the Strawberry Dragonfruit ice cream for a vibrant, seasonal flavor and look. In addition, ordering online gives you the opportunity to include a personalized message on the cake.

Whether you sample the Strawberry Dragonfruit inside a cake, as a single scoop, or paired with Baskin-Robbins' suggested flavors of Very Berry Strawberry, Lemon Sorbet, or Rainbow Sherbet, the bright pink-purple color is an appealing celebration of fresh fruit. Given the fact that dragonfruit appeared in last place in Tasting Table's ranking of tropical fruit  — mostly because it doesn't taste like much — pairing it with flavorful strawberry is probably a wise move.