How To Incorporate Cheese In Your Smoothies Like A True Foodie

If you're getting a little tired of the same old fruit, milk, greens, and nut butter smoothie formulas, try turning your morning beverage into a true foodie experience by adding cheese. It may sound a little out of pocket, but hear us out. Fruit and cheese are always a winning salty-sweet combination, whether they're paired on a charcuterie board or in a summery salad. And a little fromage will typically add tang, protein, and a sturdy structure to your drink. 

There is a trick to the trade of cheesy smoothies, however, as not every type will work with every drink. To incorporate the snack like a true foodie, pick a soft cheese that will blend easily with the other ingredients, like brie, cream cheese, mascarpone, or ricotta. Then, find fruit and cheese pairings that naturally work well together. For example, raspberries and cream cheese, peaches and burrata, blackberries and ricotta, or lemon and mascarpone. Luckily, the pros dictate that soft cheeses and fruit are already a match made in heaven, so the transition from appetizer to smoothie should be pretty seamless.

Pair fruits with soft cheeses

The best part of adding cheese to your smoothie? It couldn't be easier. Just throw it in the blender with the rest of the other ingredients. If it's a soft variety, it should easily incorporate with everything else. You should only need a few ounces of fromage which equates to twice as many tablespoons, so if you want to add in two ounces, drop four tablespoons. When tossing everything in the blender, try adding in any other liquid ingredients first, then the cheese, then the fruit and veggies on top, so the cheese doesn't get stuck on the top or bottom.

You may have to play around a little to get the right ratio of liquid ingredients to cheese, which depends on what ingredients you enjoy using. For example, if you typically add a cup of milk or a few spoonfuls of yogurt to your smoothie, try omitting a little and replacing it with fromage. If you usually use water instead, you shouldn't have to substitute any of it but keep in mind your drink may not be as creamy. You could also try a combination of milk, sweet cheese, and orange juice for a thick smoothie reminiscent of an Orange Julius. It might take a try or two to get your ideal consistency, but the results will be worth it.