Got The Sniffles? Why Not Try A Chicken Soup Martini?

Between the nutritive and healing effects of bone broth and chicken noodle soup, it's easy to understand why everyone is buzzing about "brothtails." While this idea isn't anything new — Campbell's led a campaign for Soup on the Rocks in the 1950s — a recent interest in umami has resurrected the trend of not only savory but soup-esque tipples, one more niche than the next. Inspired by the peculiarity of these drinks, one cocktail consultant by the name of Jazzton Rodriguez (shared earlier this year on Very Good Drinks) has dreamed up the most fantastical offering yet — the Chicken Soup Martini.

Despite the fact that Rodriguez has been dabbling in brothtails for a few years, drawing from the openly savory Bloody Mary and Dirty Martini, the Chicken Soup Martini was a playful experiment that exploded across Instagram. In part due to its absurdity and also because of its ultra-reminiscent flavors, as unusual as a soup-adjacent cocktail may sound, the reality is that savory proves successful. Whether it's spice, salt, or smoke, there's an intrigue that draws people in due to its uniqueness in a sea of sugar-coated cocktails. 

As our collective palate searches for new and exciting flavors, umami is one taste that only seems to be peaking in popularity. Though chicken soup may be the latest muse, it surely won't be the last. In the meantime, however, take delight in ordering chicken soup, stirred, not shaken.

A martini recipe that soothes the soul

Like a spiked spoonful of cozy comfort, Rodriguez's recipe stirs together a mirepoix-infused gin, chicken bouillon brine, sherry, and a saline solution with ice before straining into a glass and garnishing with a couple of droplets of olive oil for that freshly-made soup vibe. As for what the tipple tastes like, as you'd imagine, there are nuances of poultry and vegetables that deliver umami. 

The bouillon brine enhances this degree of savoriness and delivers a much-needed freshness, all while the alcohol adds structure and warmth just like a ladleful of fresh broth. Boasting incredible richness and body, the Chicken Soup Martini exemplifies just how much of a blank canvas cocktails formulas can be, especially when taking a savory route.

However, just because chicken soup may be prescribed as the ultimate cold and flu remedy, we'd hate to get your hopes up in thinking that chicken soup in any form can be beneficial. Although a boozy cure might sound appealing, we feel obliged to inform you that alcohol isn't likely to alleviate your symptoms. But, that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the deliciousness of a Chicken Soup Martini whenever you're feeling nostalgic for a bowl of the good stuff.