The Kindest Thing To Do When You Need To Abandon Your Grocery Cart

While it goes without saying that it is rude to abandon your shopping cart in the grocery store, unexpected things can come up at any time. If you are pushing a full cart through the aisles and suddenly get an urgent phone call causing you to leave the store immediately, you're likely going to abruptly end your shopping trip. When that is the case, what do you do with your cart?

The most polite thing to do, according to Aldi employees via Insider, is to return your full shopping cart to an employee. That way, the cart isn't left blocking an aisle. It also means that no one will be left questioning whether someone plans to come back to the cart or not. If you are able to redirect your cart to someone who works at the store, you'll be saving the staff and the other shoppers the headache of an abandoned cart. 

Return your cart to the corral

Of course, sometimes with a full cart, it is tempting to leave it at the end of an aisle while you go get something. However, you should never leave sight of your cart, or be separated from it for very long, especially if it's in the middle of an aisle. It's rude and confusing for other shoppers and store employees. A really good rule of thumb is to consider the shopping cart your responsibility from the moment you select it to the moment you return it to the corral.

After you unload your groceries from the cart into your car, be sure to return the shopping cart to the designated area. It's not uncommon to see shopping carts abandoned in parking spaces, but this is an inconsiderate habit that doesn't take long to rectify. The same goes for baskets. If you foresee having trouble returning your cart or basket, let an employee know. It's likely that someone on staff will walk you out to your car and help you unload your groceries. Whether it's an emergency or simply a question of uncertainty, it's always best to ask an employee for assistance.