The Mess-Free Hack To Spike Your Favorite Freeze Pops

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Sweet, drippy popsicles are as delicious as they are reminiscent of childhood summers spent running around the backyard. But for the 21 and up crowd, you can make them with a boozy twist, and they may be just as fun to make as they are to eat. You can add alcohol to traditional popsicles made with molds, but for an easier and more entertaining method, try buying premade freeze pops — you know, the ones that come in sealed plastic tubes, like Otter Pops.

To add your booze, first snip off the tops of room temperature (or cold, but not frozen) pops with a pair of scissors. Then pour a little of the liquid out and replace it with a shot or two of your alcohol of choice. To seal them back up before freezing, use a flat iron to crimp the plastic top back together, and pop them back in the freezer until they're ready to consume. Once you're ready to slurp, you'll get all the fruity, boozy ice, but without all the mess of a traditional popsicle. 

How to use a hair iron to seal in the booze

The best part of this hack is that you can get as creative as you want. Sure, you can stick to a basic liquor like vodka, tequila, or gin to get an efficient buzz while staying true to the pop's original flavor. But you can also try mixing and matching booze with the flavor of your pop to get a frozen popsicle cocktail of sorts. For example, pour a little red wine in an orange-flavored tube and call it sangria, or add a little rum into a pineapple pop for a makeshift piña colada.

When sealing it up, it's also essential to make sure your flat iron is on low or medium-low heat because anything higher could burn the plastic. Once closed, you may want to shake everything together before letting it set in the freezer or else your first few licks of the pop may end up being straight alcohol. And if you really want to go the extra mile here, you can even buy your own cheap, empty freezer pop bags on websites like Amazon. This way, you can really get creative by adding a little coconut milk to that piña colada pop. But for the quickest mess-free way, try this hair iron method.