Miller High Life And Phillip Ashley Team Up For Bar Snack-Inspired Truffles

The Belgians may not think much of Miller High Life's claim to be "The Champagne of Beers," but the American beer company is entering the world of haute cuisine, nonetheless. A press release sent to Tasting Table announced a collaboration between Miller High Life and award-winning chocolatier Phillip Ashley.

Known for playful flavors and not being afraid to experiment in the kitchen, Ashley is joining forces with the company to create what sounds like an exquisite and unusual six-pack of chocolates to go with your six-pack of beer. Inspired by the chocolatier's favorite bar snacks, these truffles are anything but ordinary. Each chocolate in the Miller High Life Bar Snack Truffle collection is infused with beer, and the six unique flavors sound like they're straight from your local pub menu. The truffles will be released on May 2 — aka, National Truffle Day — and will be available to purchase online from Phillip Ashley Chocolates.

Which bar snacks are featured in the truffles?

Out of the six truffles in the limited edition box, Ashley's favorite truffle to pair with a cold pint of Miller High Life is the grilled cheese truffle, made with triple cream cheese and a white chocolate ganache, all encased in blonde chocolate. Another bar snack-inspired flavor is the lemon pepper chicken wing, which Ashley describes as being filled with an "innovative fried chicken ganache infused with lemon pepper seasoning."

The pretzel praline features that irresistible salty-sweet combination of salted pretzel, roasted pecans, caramel, and blonde chocolate; while beernut pays homage to the ultimate bar snack, bringing together fresh roasted peanuts and beernut butter, all coated in milk chocolate. Buttery popcorn marries movie theater-style popcorn and white chocolate ganache for another savory and sweet delight. And finally, sweet potato fry features mashed Garnett sweet potatoes (the type we recommend using for pie) mixed with blonde chocolate.

The chocolate six-pack will retail for $35 and is a limited edition offering, so if you're interested in trying the beer-infused bar snack truffles yourself you'll want to be sure you set a reminder to purchase on May 2. There is no telling how long the Miller High Life Bar Snack Truffle collection will be available.