The Perfect Spice To Give Tahini Dressings A Colorful Upgrade

Tahini is a popular spread that works in a wide range of dishes, and it's just as delicious as it is versatile. Yet despite tahini's distinctive, sesame-centric flavor, tahini doesn't exactly look inspired. Tahini comes in a muted beige hue that is everything but vibrant. Of course, taste always matters more than appearance, but sometimes you want to finish off your dishes with a burst of brightness.  

Enter turmeric, a spice whose orange hue speaks for itself. Granted, turmeric is known for more than its trademark color. That orange powder boasts a series of health benefits and has long been used to reduce inflammation and joint pain, among other medical problems.

Given these benefits, the use of turmeric, wherever possible, should be a no-brainer. Yet when it comes to tahini-based dressings, the function of turmeric is less about its healing properties or earthy taste. Rather, for the sake of your next salad, turmeric's primary property is the way it looks — namely, the color it brings to your tahini. As for how to pair the two? Just know that a little turmeric goes a long way. 

Just a teaspoon of turmeric adds a pop of color to tahini dressings

While it's up to your preference, just a teaspoon of turmeric is enough to brighten a quarter cup of tahini and create a colorful dressing that will have you dreaming of the sun. After all, turmeric-based golden milk lattes are called golden for a reason. Once you nail the yellow shade of your tahini-turmeric dressing, feel free to add other ingredients and spices. Ginger, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper all pack a punch. 

But, so long as your dressing looks the part, you're in good shape. Use the dressing to top your favorite salads ... or get a little more creative. Tahini and turmeric clearly complement one another, so wherever you use tahini in savory foods, why not add a little more spice? For example, try a pop of turmeric the next time you make grilled chicken with tahini or want a more vibrant finishing touch to your favorite vegetables, such as grilled cauliflower. There are no wrong answers or recipes here.