The Sheet Pan Tip You're Going To Need For Grilling Season

Sheet pans may be the greatest thing since sliced bread. This versatile piece of kitchen equipment is perfect for making a complete dinner, catching juices bubbling out of a cooking casserole, or making a yummy slab pie to feed a crowd at a backyard barbecue. But the sheet pan tip you need for grilling season this year is this: keep a few of these pans nearby to help transport foods to and from the grill.This grilling tip will keep you organized and help eliminate all the back and forth to the kitchen to get items you forgot or couldn't carry. Just make sure you're using the right kind of pan. 

Sheet pans are often confused with another favorite cooking pan: the cookie sheet. Sheet pans are distinctive in that they have raised, rolled sides that can contain oils or meat juices (cookie sheets have one or two angled sides). You can purchase your sheet pans in full, half, and quarter sizes. Most people contend that a full size pan is generally reserved for restaurants because measuring 26-by-18 inches, they are too large and cumbersome for most home kitchen ovens. But half sheets and quarter sheets are just what the grill master ordered when prepping for your next grill-out. 

Helps avoid cross contamination

When you are planning to fire-up the grill, sheet pans are great for transporting those slabs of steak, pork, lamb, breasts of chicken, and fruits and vegetables you might be cooking up. The pan's raised edges will ensure messy marinades don't drip and get all over the place. And having more than one pan handy allows you to keep your various proteins and vegetables separate so you don't risk cross contamination as you get ready to cook them. But having sheet pans in close proximity isn't just about organizing all the delicious veggies and meats you plan to serve. 

Grilling requires so many other pieces of equipment, and if you don't have a large outdoor cooking space, sheet pans can provide a safe and clean resting spot for all of the cooking utensils, sauces, and seasonings you may need to have on hand. It also helps you keep track of where you last set those tongs or salt and pepper shakers. So, the next time you are grilling out on the fly or making elaborate cook-out preparations, don't forget your sheet pans: They will make all the difference.