The One Kosher Salt Ina Garten Hinges Every Recipe On

Ina Garten agrees salt is the one seasoning no kitchen should ever be without. The Barefoot Contessa contends that while salt is an integral ingredient in the many recipes she makes, the kind of salt you use is equally important. Garten revealed on her website, "The kind of salt you use definitely makes a difference. I never use table salt because it has a metallic taste and tastes extremely salty." This is especially true of iodized salt because of the anti-clumping agent that is added.

So, what type of salt does the celebrity chef reach for when she is cooking or baking up a storm? "All of my recipes are based on Diamond Crystal kosher salt (even using a different brand of kosher salt makes a difference)," she shared. According to Kitchn, Garten used an entire page in her cookbook, "Cook Like a Pro," to shed light on the use of salt in her recipes, saying she uses Diamond Crystal kosher salt over Morton's kosher salt and sea salt because they are denser and taste saltier.

Diamond Crystal kosher salt is often lauded for the size and texture of its crystals and the fact that it is less salty in comparison to table salt, but its magic that is so beloved by chefs like Garten is linked to how it is made.   

Helps avoid over salting

Diamond Krystal Kosher salt is made by using a "craft evaporation process" that creates hollowed crystals. The salt flakes are coarse to the touch but easy to crush. The benefits of using Diamond Crystal Kosher salt are many. The brand notes that the salt crystals' unique shape helps to ensure you don't over-salt your dishes, but at the same time, you still get that flavorful bite that makes you want to eat more. Surprisingly, Diamond Crystal Kosher salt is lower in sodium than table salt and there is nothing added to it to mess with its flavor. All of these virtues make this food enhancer a favorite in the culinary world.

Of course, one of the biggest problems with salt is recipes, with the exception of Ina Garten's, rarely tell you what brand to use, which harkens back to Garten's comment that the type of salt matters. In fact, it will influence how much you use. A single tablespoon of table salt is equal to two and a quarter tablespoons of Diamond Crystal. This is why starting with a little salt and tasting as you go is always a good technique to employ with this savory ingredient. 

Whether you are making a dessert or a main dish, Diamond Crystal Kosher salt is the silver bullet of seasonings.