How To Season Avocados For Makeshift Guacamole In A Pinch

When that guacamole craving hits, there's really nothing you can do to stop it. Nothing else could possibly satisfy the creamy, citrusy combination of mashed avocados and fresh lime, balanced out by the addition of fresh tomatoes and tangy red onions. Whether it's chunky or smooth, a side of guacamole is a no-brainer — even if it does cost extra. However, when you're at home, and that bag of chips in your pantry is calling for a serving of it, DoorDashing your guac isn't always necessary. 

In fact, with a few avocados and the right seasonings, you can make your own guacamole at home for a fraction of the price — and you won't even have to break out your cutting board. With a little onion and tomato powder and some chile lime seasoning, you can satisfy all of your guac cravings in a pinch.

Make chop-free guacamole by adding seasonings instead

Rather than cutting up fresh tomatoes, cilantro, and onions, and going through all of the eye-watering that doing so would inevitably trigger, save your tears and reach for different dried seasonings that you can use in their place. The obvious substitutes for onions and tomatoes would be dried onion and tomato powder. Similarly, you can opt for dried cilantro or coriander powder instead of the fresh stuff. To get the same level of tanginess as fresh lime, look for lime juice powder when you're at the store. Trader Joe's also has a chile lime seasoning that would work great; however, it may also come with a degree of spice.

Once you've acquired all the seasonings you need, keep them stocked in your pantry so that you can make guacamole in a swift moment whenever the craving calls. That way, all you'll need to remember to grab from the store is your weekly batch of avocados. Simply cut your avocados and remove their pits the safest way you know how either by hand or with a spoon, mash them up, season to taste, and your guacamole will be good to go in a matter of minutes.