Season The Edges Of Your Sandwich For A James Beard Worthy Lunch

For chefs of the highest order, details matter. With the right seasoning and a meticulous presentation, master chefs can elevate even a basic sandwich. Thankfully, some of these secrets aren't carefully guarded, and career chefs like Jacques Pépin have shared their tips with the rest of us who want to bring a touch of elegance and glamour to the everyday meals we make at home. 

Pépin demonstrates that home cooks don't need to be particularly gifted or skilled to add an elevated chef-y touch to sliced sandwiches that would make James Beard himself proud. With a few slathers of mayonnaise or butter and the addition of fresh, chopped herbs, aspiring cooks of all levels and abilities can convert any sandwich into a meal that has been approved by Beard and Pépin alike. Once you've chosen your sandwich bread of preference, assemble your sandwich toppings, slice off the crusts, and get ready to add a flavorful finishing element to lunch.

A presentation approved by professionals

After removing the crust of your sandwich bread, choose either butter or mayonnaise to coat the edges where the crust was removed. Next, dip each slathered side directly into a pile of freshly chopped herbs. Parsley, chives, and basil can add a delicious, fresh crunch to your sandwich, and the contrast of vivid green brings brightness to the usually dull presentation of bread. 

Carefully placed layers of this herby spread can offer just the right amount of flavor and textural depth to any sandwich recipe, and diners can still pick up the sandwich without worrying about dirtying their fingers. Don't feel you have to stick to obvious choices though. Experiment with the creamy coating you use on the outside of your sandwich and get creative with the fresh herbs or crunchy dippings. For a crunchy, flavorful addition of spice, consider toasting sesame seeds and making your own za'atar spice blend to dip hummus-covered sandwiches into. No matter the flavor or cuisines you pull on, the combination of a creamy spread and a crunchy herb or spice will be sure to satisfy.