The Creamy Ingredient For Grilled Cheese That's Rich, Not Soggy

When nostalgia strikes and you find yourself craving a classic comfort food that reminds you of childhood, you can always count on a quintessential grilled cheese. Not only is the toasty sandwich quick and easy to make, but it's also endlessly versatile and open to experimentation. There are a ton of ways to shake up your grilled cheese, from using different types of breads and cheeses to getting creative with your fillings. But whatever your method, you'll always want to end up with the same key result: a warm and melty bite that's balanced by the perfect crunch of bread.

While you can smear on different sauces or pile on some tomatoes (to complement grilled cheese's favorite sidekick, tomato soup), you do want to be careful about adding ingredients that are too juicy, as this can lead to a wet and soggy sandwich — not ideal if you're looking for that desired crunch of the bread. For a dependably delicious addition to your grilled cheese that won't add too much moisture, turn to an avocado.

Add avocado for a creamy bite

Everyone's favorite green fruit tastes delicious when it stands alone on avocado toast, so you can't go wrong with including melted cheese in the mix. Whether you decide to use whole slices of avocado or mash it up guacamole-style to use as a spread, its velvety creaminess will complement the ooey-gooey cheese, adding an elevated richness to each bite. Since avocados don't melt or lose shape when heated, you won't have to worry about them turning your sandwich into a soggy, oversaturated mess when preparing.

The next time you decide to make a grilled cheese, add a layer of avocado between the cheese and the bread before putting it all in the frying pan. While you can use almost any type of cheese, you might opt for one that provides a punchy flavor to pair with the mild and earthy taste of the avocado, such as a spicy pepper jack or sharp cheddar. Since those are both harder cheeses with higher melting points, they'll also balance the creaminess of the avocado without getting too moist.

As a bonus, avocados are rife with nutrients, antioxidants, and monounsaturated fats — aka the good cholesterol — which, according to Keck Medicine, can help lower your cholesterol and improve overall health. So adding some to your grilled cheese sandwich won't just make it extra delicious, it'll also make it a little bit healthier, too.