The Sandwich Shop Anthony Bourdain Worshipped

Anthony Bourdain had a huge impact on the culinary world and was always taking foodies on a journey of the intersection of food and culture whether that meant a trip to the other side of the world or stepping out into his own backyard. To wit, Bourdain was a huge fan of the Seattle food scene. In an interview with Seattle Times, Bourdain labeled the Pacific Northwest " of the most exciting, if not the most exciting areas of the country to eat." But that wasn't just lip service to the area. Bourdain loved to frequent one sandwich shop in particular.

The celebrity chef went on to reveal that Salumi is the sandwich shop he worshipped and loved to eat at. Bourdain quipped, "That is a holy place for me. I love that place. I've jokingly said, but I'm half serious it should be a UNESCO site. It should be a landmark." While that seems like hyperbole, Bourdain doubled down on his praise for this eatery that is part of the Batali dynasty, telling Eater Seattle, "If you're going to wait in line for an hour and a half any place in this world, you'd want to do it at Salumi." What is it about Salumi that had a chef like Bourdain heaping such praise on it?

Love for cured meats

Bourdain made his pilgrimage to Salumi in 2007 for an episode of his Travel Channel's "No Reservations" and from the moment the food passed his lips, he was a convert. Salumi was founded by Mario Batali's mom and dad, Armandino and Marilyn, and the shop quickly gained a cult following for its cured meats. If you love salami, mortadella, pancetta, then Salumi is a place where you, too, might encounter nirvana. During Bourdain's visit to this shop, he was given a hands-on lesson about curing meats. Bourdain's love for Salumi's meats was real and during a repeat visit Marilyn Batali gave Bourdain a custom-cured prosciutto which he was all too happy to take off her hands.

While the Salumi's ownership has changed hands, there must be something to it because the only thing piled higher than the meats on those hot and cold subs the owners serve up is the validation of its goodness. Yelpers have given this famed deli 4.5 stars out of 5. If you take a look at the braised porchetta sandwich which is braised pork shoulder in Salumi's signature spice blend, along with some Calabrian chili chimichurri, roasted onions, and pickled peppers, that may be all the only bellwether needed.