The Devil Wears Prada Drinking Game For A Cozy Movie Night

When "The Devil Wears Prada" premiered in 2006 audiences fell head over designer heels in love with the tale of young, aspiring journalist Andrea (Andy) Sachs who unexpectedly gets hired as the assistant of Runway Magazine's feared editor-in-chief, Miranda Priestly, an esteemed businesswoman who is also demanding, frequently unreasonable, and insists upon perfection. Andy is catapulted into a world in which she knows nothing about — high fashion — and quickly learns that it's a world of survival of the fittest. This world will ask her to sacrifice everything from her relationships to her sense of self in order to come out on top.

The film is utterly delightful to watch, not only for the fashion that will make you gasp in delight, but also for the energetic pulse of its New York City and Paris filming locations and the brilliant acting chops of the cast. The Devil Wears Prada practically begs for an audience of close friends, Jarlsberg grilled cheese sandwiches, and grown-up beverages, i.e. a dazzling movie and drinking game night. We recommend Andy's drink of choice, red wine, but any cocktail will do, so long as it's not James Holt's potent punch lest you "wake up in Hoboken wearing nothing but a poncho and a cowboy hat."

Take a drink when...

  1. There is a closeup on a pair of shoes. This will kick off the game beautifully as the beginning montage is full of gorgeous boots and heels.

  2. You hear Andy's cell phone ring. Really, the classic T-Mobile ringtone should have been credited in the cast!

  3. Emily mentions Paris, quite possibly the only reason she remains in her job.

  4. Andy is referred to as anything other than her actual name, i.e. "Emily," "the new Emily," "Miranda girl," or even "Six," via the loveable Nigel.

  5. Miranda slams her fabulous coats and bags on top of Andy's desk.

  6. Andy is literally running around the streets of New York or Paris at Miranda's bidding.

  7. Miranda puts Andy in impossible positions. Hello, Harry Potter book and flights during hurricanes.

  8. A major fashion designer is mentioned by name.

  9. Beverage product placement is obvious, like San Pellegrino and Starbucks.

  10. An outfit is panned up and down.

Take a few smaller sips when you hear the following lines...

  1. "That's all," courtesy of Miranda.

  2. "I didn't have a choice," laments Andy.

  3. "A million girls would kill for this/that job," multiple people remind Andy.

  4. Every time Miranda mutters, "no" to a reasonably reasonable suggestion.

  5. And just for fun, whenever Christian Thompson speaks French.

Finish your drink...

When Miranda gives a genuine, heartfelt smile. Arguably, there is just one, at the very end of this fabulous film.