Stanley Tucci And S.Pellegrino Teamed Up For A Holiday Meal Kit

If you're a Stanley Tucci fan in the holiday spirit, boy does S.Pellegrino have the perfect product for you. The Oscar-nominated actor and zealous Italian food fan is joining forces with S.Pellegrino sparkling mineral water — and it's about as complementary a partnership as they come. S.Pellegrino itself will be the first to tell you that the brand is enthusiastically Italian; its heritage is interwoven into its name, product, and style. 

Tucci's 2021 book "Taste: My Life Through Food" is about his Italian-American upbringing in New York and his subsequent international culinary experiences during his travels as an actor. Last year, per Fine Dining Lovers, the American University of Rome awarded Tucci an honorary doctorate for his public championing of all things Italian culture and cuisine.

"I'm obviously obsessed and in love with Italy and its history and people," Tucci told People. "It's a fascination that came from obviously my Italian heritage, from my parent's pride in that heritage, and a year that I spent in Italy when I was 12 and 13 years old which was really significant for me." Tucci's own CNN show "Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy" follows Tucci to restaurants around the country as he explores its food — especially pasta. Now, Tucci and S.Pellegrino are back with another Italian-inspired collab just in time for the holidays, and pasta is the star of the show. 

Enjoy a 'Taste of Tucci'

S.Pellegrino announced its latest collaboration with Stanley Tucci in a press release earlier this week. "S.Pellegrino's Taste of Tucci" is a holiday recipe kit built for recreating one specific dish in Tucci's repertoire: "Gnocchetti con Salsiccia e Broccolini." The ingredients are sourced directly from Italy, and they include gnocchetti sardi (little gnocchi), crumbled salsiccia (Italian sausage), fresh broccolini and fennel, Pecorino Romano, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and (of course) a bottle of S.Pellegrino. The "Taste of Tucci" recipe yields four-to-six servings, and it was developed by meal kit service World Chef. The kit also comes with instructions and an exclusive video that allows foodies to cook the gnocchetti along with Tucci himself.

This isn't the first time the beverage brand has collaborated with the actor, either. Back in February, Tucci partnered with S.Pellegrino for a series of collaborative projects that would span multiple years, per Fine Dining Lovers. Their first project was cleverly called "Stan Pellegrino," a set that included a bottle engraved with Tucci's signature. Now, the Taste of Tucci limited-edition meal kit hits the market on November 7 and is available for purchase on S.Pellegrino's website for $120 before shipping.