What To Consider Before Sipping Espresso Out Of A Glass Cup

Whether pouring a cup of espresso to perk you up before a long day of work, or simply enjoying the complex, full-bodied coffee flavors as an after-dinner treat, you may be surprised to learn that your cup choice is just as important as the roast that you pick. Drinking espresso is an entire experience of the senses, whether you scoop out the crema or not, and the details matter.

For maximum enjoyment of your espresso-based coffee drink, you cannot simply rely on the luck of the draw. Randomly choosing a mug from your overflowing cabinet ignores essential factors that will ultimately affect your drink. Generally, the debate focuses on whether a ceramic mug or a glass cup is the best choice for your brew. While any mug can, of course, hold your coffee, not just any material will produce the conditions necessary for ideal enjoyment — most importantly, your espresso's temperature. While glass cups offer a window of sorts, allowing you to gaze upon the beauty of your coffee creation from all angles, it is generally a better idea to ditch the glass in favor of a ceramic mug, with one important caveat.

Ceramic Mugs vs Glass Mugs

Anybody who's had to step away from their morning joe for an extended period of time is well aware that the temperature of your coffee dramatically affects its taste. So if you realize you need to leave your espresso sitting for a few minutes after brewing, you'll want to keep it hot for as long as possible.

While ceramic mugs retain heat better than glass, you can easily avoid the traditional glass cup's heat loss by opting for double-walled glasses. Be mindful, however, because according to Decent Espresso Machines, these glasses may retain heat a little too well. Espresso brews at about 200 degrees Fahrenheit, which is too hot to drink immediately. A ceramic mug will quickly cool espresso by about 54 degrees, creating an optimal temperature for sipping straight away, while a double-walled glass will only cool it by about 37 degrees. Because of this, if you're looking to enjoy your espresso very quickly after pouring, you'll want to choose a ceramic cup. However, double-walled is the way to go if you know you'll need to step away before you have the chance to drink it because, over time, it allows for less heat loss than its ceramic counterpart and much less heat loss than single-walled glass would. 

So think twice next time you're searching for the perfect mug; the overall enjoyment of your espresso might just depend on the cup you choose to drink it from.