The Only Cheese You Should Ever Use For Authentic Texas Nachos

If there were ever two foods more made for each other than tortilla chips and melted cheese, aka nachos, we'd like to eat them. Nachos are sublime and the only thing better is Texas nachos. Why? Because so much TLC is taken to ensure each corn chip has the proper amount of refried beans, cheese, and a pickled jalapeno or two.

Authentic Texas nachos are all about getting the details just right so every crispy, gooey bite has the same effect on your taste buds. And when it comes to the absolute type of cheese you use to sprinkle on top of these chips, there is only one you should be reaching for: Colby Longhorn cheese.

When it comes to the cheese for your nachos, it can be argued that it is a key, if not the most critical, ingredient when making your Texas version of this finger food. That warm melted dairy product is the creamy glue in this culinary equation that helps keep those jalapeños in place. But the cheese also imparts a savory, rich flavor to your nachos that keeps your hand coming back for more to shovel in your mouth. So, why should you pick Colby Longhorn cheese over a basic sharp cheddar or Monterey pepper jack?

Sweet and mild

Cheddar cheese is delicious, but its taste is distinctive and a pepper jack is going to add a little too much heat. Colby Longhorn cheese is going to give you a better taste than those other cheeses when you make your Texas nachos because it has more of a "mellow" vibe. Colby Longhorn cheese is dyed orange and gets its name thanks to its cylinder shape. The flavor is described as mild and sweet which is a perfect compliment to the heat of the jalapeño that sets on top of it.

Colby cheese melts well, too. Its high levels of fat and protein help it convert to the melted gold we know and love. Moreover, it is going to be easier to grate than cheddar cheese because Colby Longhorn is considered a semi-soft cheese. It has a softer texture that melts perfectly over those refried beans.

The end result is a creamy, smooth taste that doesn't overwhelm the salty goodness of the tortilla chip nor does it clash with the pickled jalapeño. A final note of advice: When picking your Colby Longhorn cheese, opt for a younger cheese as its buttery velvet texture will be even creamier on the tongue.