The Food Alex Guarnaschelli Can't Stand Cooking

Of all the ingredients Alex Guarnaschelli has cooked with, hot dogs are one of her least favorites. Speaking to Food Network, the "Chopped" judge noted that when it comes to her "Achilles heel," that honor goes to ballpark classics. "Hot dogs are tough! Simple, but a real killer," she said.

Because hot dogs are often thought of as a basic dish, some might assume that these pre-cooked meat sticks are hard to mess up. But while they require little more than a simple reheat before consumption, there are some things that could go wrong if they aren't handled properly. For example, if they're exposed to overly hot temperatures or cooked for too long, their casings could burst. And, if their casings are punctured during the cooking process, their flavor could seep out, leaving them dry and bland.

Using hot dogs as an ingredient adds risks that Guarnaschelli isn't a fan of. But just because she doesn't enjoy cooking with them, doesn't mean she doesn't like eating them.

Alex Guarnaschelli has a love/hate relationship with hot dogs

Although the cookbook author also explained her ambivalence towards hot dogs to a curious fan on Twitter, saying that "pureed hot dog French toast" was one of the worst dishes she's ever been served, she also described one particular hot dog dish as "the best fried thing she ever ate" to Food Network.

When it comes to taking hot dogs from the bottom of her list to the top, it all comes down to the way it's cooked for Guarnaschelli.

While appearing on "The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Totally Fried," Guarnaschelli shared her love for deep-fried hot dogs. While visiting Rawley's restaurant in Connecticut, the chef said their version of this dish, which is fried, grilled, and then topped with chopped bacon, relish, and sauerkraut, is "just the perfect hot dog."