The Floral Ingredient That Brings Out The Flavor Of Rhubarb

While the onset of summer may have you dreaming of fresh peaches, ripe berries, and crisp cucumbers for salads, there's another in-season vegetable that is often underrated: rhubarb. Rhubarb's bright, crimson stalks can visually elevate almost any dessert, whether it's a tart, cake, loaf, or pie. And, its tangy flavor always pairs well with the sweet ingredients included in such indulgences. However, with being such a tart and tasty addition to just about any baked good, it's a shame that rhubarb seldom gets paired with anything other than strawberry.

Listen, we love a classic strawberry rhubarb pie or crumbly strawberry rhubarb crisp just as much as the next person. But, when it's given the opportunity to do so, the rhubarb flavor can really shine either by itself or with other complementary pairings. Experimenting with other sweet berries, like raspberries and blackberries, will likely have you licking the bottom of your pie plates. Crisp apple slices compliment rhubarb's flavor as well, along with other in-season fruits, like plums and peaches.

However, there's a softer, floral flavor that might just be the ultimate match for this sharp-tasting veggie, and that's lavender. Lavender's sweet and subtle qualities are the perfect balance to rhubarb's strong presence. However, you can't be too enthusiastic when pairing these two ingredients together.

Rhubarb and lavender is your new favorite summer pairing pie

While you may gravitate towards lavender-infused hand soaps, candles, and lotions, you may not often find the stunning purple flower in your favorite foods. However, lavender is a great ingredient to give your desserts a seasonal flair each summer. It has a strong, delightful flavor making it a great counterpart to rhubarb.

It keeps the rhubarb's flavor in check, making sure it doesn't overpower the entire dish. However, while this characteristic may have you wanting to add loads of the dried plant to your dessert, you don't want to overdo it. Too much lavender will risk your pie or cake tasting more like your favorite hand cream than you may have liked.

Similarly, it's also important to note which variety of culinary lavender to use in your baked goods. Fresh, dried English lavender will likely be your best bet, as it is the sweetest variety.

So, for your next garden party or summer barbecue, consider whipping up a tasty rhubarb galette with a fruity lavender glaze or another sugary treat that will have your guests pining for more.