The Robust Spice To Bring Out Vibrant Flavors (& Colors) In Carrot Cake

Skimping out on spices like cinnamon and nutmeg can result in flavorless, dull pieces of carrot cake that will leave guests reaching for a different kind of treat to satisfy an after-dinner sweet tooth. But when packed with an assortment of nuts, raisins, spices, and shredded carrots, carrot cakes can be crowned with maple or vanilla frosting, glaze, or shavings of coconut to deliver a decadent dessert that can brighten up lackluster afternoons.

From folding orange zest and extract into the carrot cake batter to sneaking chunks of crystallized candied ginger into each slice, chefs have been figuring out ways to maximize flavor variations of this vegetable-inspired cake since the 1700s. One particular spice can be added to both your carrot cake batter and the icing you use to decorate your cake to bring forth a more colorful, appealing presentation that will have guests asking for multiple pieces of your baked treat. Not only does turmeric look good, but it is good for you, too.

A spice with a colorful impact

Turmeric can amplify the visual appeal of a perfectly moist piece of carrot cake. Just a few sprinkles of the bright golden-yellow spice can help enhance the taste of the other flavors you've added to your recipe (like cinnamon and ginger) and can bring out the natural sweetness of carrots. Plus, with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, this bright spice brings serious benefits to a standard carrot cake recipe.

A little goes a long way when sprinkling the orange spice into the recipe, and if you're in a hurry to bake your carrot cake, you can consider using baby food instead of carrots when whipping up the batter. When baked, the brightness of a turmeric-infused carrot cake contrasts beautifully with spreads of vanilla icing, or for a double dose of orange, add a touch of the vivid spice to a classic cream cheese frosting recipe to present a carrot cake that is nutritious, delicious, and colorful.