The Tokyo Eatery That Only Uses Premium Ingredients For Its Burger

In Japan, McDonald's serves Teriyaki McBurger, Ebi Filet-O, and McPork sandwiches to hungry visitors. Yet for those who crave a specialty burger experience, there is BLACOWS. At BLACOWS, meat is carved and ground by hand, and toppings are as fresh as the handmade wagyu patties — cementing the restaurant's reputation as one of Tokyo's best spots to order a burger.

Wagyu beef restaurant Meet Yazawa is the force behind the American-style restaurant, and the brand is committed to serving meaty, juicy burgers that arrive at guests' tables garnished with locally-grown vegetables and sauces made by their own chefs. Italian pickles complement orders, and the perfectly toasted buns are the result of a collaboration with French bakery Maison Kayser. 

Maison Kayser entered the Japanese market in 2001, and the country has become the French bakery's second-largest market, with 30 stores operating across the country. Known for additive-free bread made from French wheat and the fermenting agent levain, Maison Kayser has brought care and expertise into helping BLACOWS serve perfectly fluffy, golden-toasted burger buns. However, BLACOWS' quest for burger perfection doesn't stop with the meat and the bun.

A burger made with care

BLACOWS' chefs cut onions into the shape of squares, and don't hold back when slathering burgers with tomato-based BBQ sauce. A touch of umami is added to the homemade sauces, enhancing the flavor of the rich wagyu beef each burger patty is famously made from.

In addition to the square grilled onions, burgers can be served with tartar sauce and wedge fries, and zucchini fries offer alternatives to those looking to add more vegetables to their meal. For diners with big appetites, BLACOWS delivers with a sandwich of two wagyu patties topped with melted Colby Jack, a fried egg, crispy bacon, and veggies for around $25. Sandwich and soup choices are available for those wanting lighter meal options, and an assortment of beers is served to keep the guests' thirsts quenched.

Can't make it to Tokyo? Choose the right beef and make yourself a classic burger right at home, though it may not be quite the same.