The Easiest Way To Make Stuffed Burgers Without A Mess

When you're looking to take your burger to the next level, focusing on what's inside is important. Stuffing them with ingredients like carmelized onions, mushrooms, and grated cheese, will be sure to wow guests at your next gathering. However, the drawback to creating stuffed burgers is that they can create a huge mess. Fortunately, there's a simple strategy that makes this mouthwatering meal come out nice and neat, keeping all the goodness inside. 

Rather than starting with a giant handful of ground beef, start with two thin patties instead. Place one flat, add your filling, and then slap the second patty on top. Once you've sealed the edges, you've got a stuffed burger that will make it from grill to bun while staying deliciously intact. Other methods, like starting with a ball of filling, shaping a sphere of ground beef around it, and attempting to neatly flatten it aren't nearly as effective as the sandwich-and-seal strategy.

Now, what about that filling?

Once you've planned out your burger construction and have two thin patties to contain your filling, then the fun begins. What can you use to stuff your burgers? Anything you like. Tangy blue cheese is always a winner, though spicy pepper jack or herbed cheese can create interest as well. If you really want to delight your palate, opt for our burger recipe that includes a filling of creamy, savory brie along with a hint of sweetness from fig preserves.

But your filling options don't have to stop with dairy-related ingredients. The sealed patties can conceal roasted peppers, ribbons of smoked poblano peppers, or even diced bits of crisp, cooked bacon. One of the benefits of our favorite two-patty method for stuffed burgers is that you're not relying on the consistency of the filling to help hold the burger together, though you'll still want to handle them with care when you cook the meat. Whether you're cooking in cast iron or on a grill, be gentle with your stuffed burger as you position, cook, and flip it. With this technique in mind, you'll be enjoying this incredible-tasting meal while avoiding any messes.