Giada De Laurentiis' Dairy-Free Iced Coffee Starts With A Chocolate Shot

If an iced shaken espresso and an espresso martini had a baby, it might look something like one of Giada de Laurentiis' favorite summertime coffee drinks: the shakerato. As she explains in a video on her YouTube channel, Giadzy by Giada de Laurentiis, her version of the drink doesn't just have a shot of espresso — it also includes coffee, ice, and the key ingredient, a shot of chocolate syrup. In Italy, de Laurentiis explains, the drink is usually made with simple syrup instead, although you may be able to occasionally find it with chocolate. And it's so sweet and satisfying as-is, there's no need for any dairy in the beverage at all.

The end result is foamy, chocolatey, and has plenty of caffeine to get your morning started with a jolt — or as de Laurentiis says, "It just makes you have an unbelievable day." Shakeratos are typically poured in martini glasses, so if you want to feel a little fancy while you're getting ready for the day, this espresso drink is the perfect tasty way to romanticize your morning.

Giada de Laurentiis' shakerato is sweet and creamy sans dairy

To make a shakerato at home, you'll need a cocktail shaker — hence the "shaken" part of the drink. After pouring a cup of coffee over ice in a shaker, de Laurentiis adds a shot of espresso and a little chocolate syrup. Then, the whole thing is shaken up, strained, and poured into a martini glass with a few espresso beans to garnish. The coffee and chocolate create a drink so delicious, it's basically a "liquid dessert," de Laurentiis says.

The key to creating a shakerato is, of course, making sure you shake it vigorously for at least 15 seconds. Not only does this create that thick layer of foam, but it breaks off small pieces of ice and allows them to combine with the espresso, chilling your drink and creating a more uniform consistency. This also gives the coffee and sugar time to aerate, which results in a creamy texture, meaning you probably won't even notice there's no milk or cream involved.

If you don't have any chocolate or simple syrup on hand, you can use sugar or a little condensed milk; And if you don't have an espresso maker, try replacing the shot with a potent cup of coffee made from a French press. However, you'll want to stay away from incorporating pour-over or drip coffee, as this can dilute your thick layer of foam, which is essential to making the perfect shakerato.