Chris Santos' Absolute Favorite LA Restaurants - Exclusive

No one can deny that Los Angeles is a culinary mecca. The city of angels is home to some of the most rich and famous people in America, well beyond just Hollywood's elite. It's also one of the most diverse urban centers in the country. That convergence of taste, style, and culture makes for a dining experience like no other.

Even those who are familiar with the East versus West Coast divide can admit that LA. is home to some of the most amazing restaurants, and celebrity chef and restaurateur Chris Santos agrees. After a decades long career in New York City, Santos made the transition to LA, and more recently, his flagship restaurant made the coast to coast move with Stanton Social Prime opening in Las Vegas. When he's not working at the restaurant in Sin City, he's back home eating his way through LA.

For those who live in the area or are looking to add to their travel bucket list, Santos dished on his favorite LA dining destinations with Tasting Table. In an exclusive interview, Santos shared some of his go-to places for amazing food in LA, from a trendy French eatery to the ultimate dining destinations that can only be found off the beaten path.

It's harder to find the culinary gems in LA, but Chris Santos says it's so worth it

While both cities provide unmatched culinary experiences, Chef Chris Santos believes Los Angeles and New York are drastically different. While not everything in LA rivals New York City, there is still a lot of incredible food that is unique to LA.

Not surprisingly, Santos says the tacos are unrivaled here. On his days off, he and his wife go out of their way to the best word-of-mouth taco trucks in the area, which he claims have some of the best tacos he's ever had. Meanwhile, when Santos is craving a burger, he heads straight to Bill's Burgers in Van Nuys, an iconic part of LA food culture to this day. 

"They open only on the days that [the chef] feels like working," Santos said. "That's fun, and that's worth getting in the car and driving and having that experience. That's something that you didn't get in New York. [In] New York, anything you wanted was within a two-block radius. In LA, you have to go explore for it."

Meanwhile, if Santos wants to get a little more trendy and upscale, he heads to République, which is a bakery, cafe, and fine dining restaurant in one. 

"[It's] probably our go-to," Santos said. "It's where my wife and I had our first date seven years ago. We still go there all the time." Even for those who don't have a sentimental attachment to this place, it's worth a visit. "Chef Walter [Manzke] is amazing; his food is always great." 

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