The Buttery Way To Reheat Crab Cakes For The Best Results

Even if you wouldn't characterize yourself as a huge fan of leftovers, crab cakes are both too delicious and too expensive to throw out. Given that backfin crab meat can cost more than $30 per pound, and assuming your crab cake is heavy on the crab and light on the filler, that leftover crab cake is worth handling with care. Crab cakes are delicate, both in flavor and texture, which means reheating them carefully is important.

The first rule for reheating crab cakes is that they don't go in the microwave, unless you're specifically aiming to achieve a rubbery mess. When crab cakes are made fresh, they're typically either broiled or fried, and the best reheating method will work for either preparation. The very best way to reheat crab cakes is both simple and delicious. Space the crab cakes out on a baking sheet, top them with a thin slice of cold butter, and pop them in a hot oven. Cook until they're heated through. The butter ensures they don't dry out, and not overcrowding the baking sheet means they'll crisp up and stay delicate and delicious.

How can you serve reheated crab cakes?

Reheated properly in the oven and with a sliver of butter, your crabcakes can be the star of the show, served with a lemon wedge to brighten up the flavor. Those reheated crab cakes can also shine in other dishes as well. Fancy a decadent omelet? That buttery crab cake makes a delectable filling, suitable for brunch or even breakfast-for-dinner. Another brunch option is to top that reheated crab cake with a perfectly poached egg and hollandaise sauce for a Chesapeake Bay take on eggs Benedict. For authentic flavor, make sure you sprinkle a little Old Bay on top.

A reheated crab cake can also serve as a way to elevate an ordinary Caesar salad, turning it from a forgettable side dish into a memorable main. A beautifully toasted brioche bun, crisp fried bacon, and a swipe of mayo or tartar sauce, along with your reheated crab cake, of course, makes for an immensely satisfying sandwich. Leftover crab cakes, reheated in the oven with a touch of butter, might even be better on the second day.