Why It's Actually Okay To Leave Some Pies Out Overnight

Whether you're whipping up a feast for Thanksgiving or grilling out for the 4th, with entertaining comes full fridges for your make-ahead dishes and even less space afterward due to all those sacred leftovers. Desserts are a must and you can't have a party without pie. Lucky for you, there are certain types that can actually sit out on the counter instead of taking up precious refrigerator space.

Certain pies don't contain any dairy or eggs at all and these are the ones you'll want to put on the menu when entertaining a crowd as they won't require time in the fridge. Pies with fruit fillings such as raspberry pie, lemon blueberry pie, and of course, apple pie, don't require dairy in the filling, allowing them to safely be consumed if stored at room temperature.

Now that we know what types of pies to make when storage is a struggle, let's discuss the ones that should take priority in the fridge.

It's all based on the ingredients

Before you get too excited, there are some pies that do need to be refrigerated. For starters, the USDA recommends any pie containing eggs or dairy be chilled and consumed within four days. Because pumpkin pie and pecan pie use eggs in the filling in order to set when baked, they should be chilled. This also includes any pie with the word "cream" in the title, such as banana cream pie, coconut cream pie, and lemon cream pie. In addition, any pie topped with whipped cream should be chilled, as the topping will begin to sweat and spoil over time when set out, and pies with mousse need to be refrigerated, as their delicate texture needs colder temperatures to hold up.

Fruit-filled pies maintain their flavor for longer when stored at room temperature, but will be good to eat for up to two additional days if stored in the refrigerator. It all depends on how many people you're feeding, and how long you think it'll take you to finish the pie. If you're certain your crew will finish it off within a day or two, the countertop is the best home for it. However, if you're whipping up a pie for you and your significant other, it can withstand room temperature for up to two days, according to the USDA, and then it's time to chill it for up to seven days.