Trader Joe's Fan-Favorite Ube Pretzels Make Their Spring Return

Trader Joe's might have a gold rush on their hands, as their beloved ube pretzels have returned to shelves. The ube pretzels, which are mini pretzels covered in ube flavored yogurt, were first released around this time in the spring of 2022, drawing rave reviews from fans and flying off the shelves in record time. The only disappointment for a lot of Trader Joe's die-hards was that they were so in demand and so short-lived as a special product that a lot of interested people couldn't get their hands on them. Well, if you missed out last time, you'll want to hop on over to your local Trader Joe's now, because ube pretzels are officially back and we have no idea how long you'll have to grab them.

Sightings of the ube pretzels on store shelves have been popping up on social media in the last few days. Several big Trader Joe's fan accounts on Instagram like @traderjoesobsessed and @traderjoelist have reported finding them back in stock in their local stores, along with some other items like ube Joe-Joes. Let's just hope they stay available a little longer than last year and avoid some of the problems Trader Joe's has had with shoppers hoarding their popular products and selling them at inflated prices. 

These ube pretzels are coveted enough to be selling with high markups second hand on Amazon and are just one in a line of popular ube products that have a history of selling out quickly.

Ube pretzels are part of Trader Joe's wide range of ube snacks

If you don't manage to get some ube pretzels on your next TJs run or if they stoked your taste for the sweet purple yam, you should keep your eyes out for some other Trader Joe's ube products. Their ube mochi and ube pancake and waffle mix are particularly sought after and ube tea cookies have been spotted alongside the pretzels as part of this current string of re-releases. If that fails, you can always grab some ube and bake yourself, as it's never a bad time to embrace a new flavor.

Ube has been having a big moment recently, with Trader Joe's at the forefront of driving the craze. One appeal is very clear for both the ube pretzels and ube products in general: The vibrant purple color is extremely appealing and social media friendly. Of course that would only matter so much if it didn't taste great, but ube, which is a type of yam used as a common flavor in Filipino cooking, has a distinct sweet potato flavor that works great in almost any kind of dessert or baked good. One fan account, @mrs_traderjoes, calls the Trader Joe's ube pretzels "phenomenal" and notes that they have a "vanilla, coconut, buttery vibe." But others have found them to be overly sweet and lacking in ube flavor.