Butter Pecan Coffee Earns A Permanent Spot On Dunkin's Menu

If the chain's slogan is to be believed, "America runs on Dunkin'," and America also produces 75% of the world's pecans. Fittingly, the coffee giant has just made headlines for its latest announcement, which comes on April 14: National Pecan Day. Folks have been celebrating the holiday since 1996, and fans have been slugging Dunkin's butter pecan coffee since the company first rolled out the flavor in 2013. Over the years, fans have taken to social media to beg the company to make butter pecan a permanent menu item. There's even a change.org petition for the cause with over 1,600 signatures.

Butter Pecan Swirl flavor typically returns to grace Dunkin' menus as a rare, seasonal offering, making haphazard (but highly anticipated) annual appearances. In a press release, Dunkin' shared that, after pumpkin spice, butter pecan was the most highly-requested flavor fans repeatedly said they wanted to see all year long. Now, Dunkin' has just announced some exciting news in the name of fan service. (Butter pecan lovers, this one's for you.) If your mornings have regularly included a mad dash to Dunkin' to get as many butter pecan coffees as possible before they're gone, it's time to take a well-deserved sigh of relief. Now, 10 years after its initial release, Butter Pecan coffee is finally here to stay.

Back and butter than ever

Dunkin' first announced the news via Twitter on April 1, which drew a slew of excited (if skeptical) comments like "I hope this is true!! It's my favorite" and "Please say this isn't an April Fool's Day joke!" Their suspicion is understandable; Last month, Dunkin' bid farewell to the Dunkaccino, a beloved coffee-hot-chocolate hybrid that enjoyed a 22-year run. But then, two weeks later, Dunkin' took to Instagram with a video of an elaborate butter board sprinkled with roasted pecans. 

It was a tad cryptic but super readable to longtime fans, many of whom have been on the lookout for the flavor's return for a while now. The caption? "Might mess around and make it permanent." Within just four hours, the post has already received over 15,000 likes and nearly 700 comments to the effect of "OMG, literally put this on my calendar" and "One flavor to rule them all."

According to a press release, butter pecan coffee is coming back to coffee shops nationwide on April 26 and remaining there indefinitely. The Butter Pecan Swirl flavor features notes of butter-roasted pecans and sweet cream and can be added to any Dunkin' beverage — hot, iced, or frozen. But that's not all — in the release, Dunkin' also teased another pecan-flavored release to be coming by the end of the month. (Fans, keep your eyes peeled.)