Sweeten Up Roasted Cashews With A Satisfying Quick Method

Roasted cashews can be convenient, healthy snacks that can also be easily added to other tasty recipes you're whipping up in your kitchen. From sprinkling the flavorful, magnesium-packed nuts on top of fresh salads or garnishing bowls of homemade ice cream with the buttery, toasted ingredient, having roasted cashews on hand will serve your culinary efforts well. While the rich flavor of roasted cashews can be enhanced with sprinkles of salt, there's a sweeter, spicier alternative that is just as easy to employ. 

If you're assembling dessert for guests, want a sweet snack on the go, or are planning on making a specific recipe that calls for a sweet, flavorful boost, get the cinnamon powder ready; your toasted cashews are in for a delicious upgrade! The best part of this easy hack? It's ridiculously simple! Adding extra spice takes hardly any additional time or effort. 

Toss your cashews in cinnamon and sugar for a sweet snack

Toss batches of roasted cashews with cinnamon to turn your nuts into a flavorful, slightly spiced dessert snack. If you find that the cinnamon powder isn't sticking to the toasted nuts (or if you'd just like to add a bit more sweetness to your sack), you can use honey or maple syrup to help the spices hang onto each piece. Egg whites can also help with this; cover untoasted nuts with a beaten egg white, sprinkle cinnamon generously over the spread, and then roast the cashews to spicy, golden perfection. Either method should help the cinnamon adhere to the nuts.

If you want to experiment even further, powdered ginger can also lend a warm taste and aromatic element to roasted cashews, or you can make your own sweet dusting of cinnamon, sugar, and a touch of salt. 

These spiced cashews are an easily snackable treat that is perfect for road trips and long days at work. If you can show restraint and not eat all these tasty nuts in one go, store the roasted cinnamon cashews as a garnish for other dishes. You can sprinkle them on top of oatmeal pancakes and maple cinnamon sticky buns, or consider including these tasty nuts in this bacon fat cookie recipe which pairs perfectly with the meats, cheeses, and other nuts on a charcuterie board. However you eat them, these upgraded cashews are sure to be a crowd-pleaser.